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Bracing Knuckle Ring is a durability enhancement ring in Dark Souls 2.

bracing_knuckle_ring.png Knuckle ring worn by Rhoy the Explorer.
Slows equipment degradation.
Expensive, flashy gear will not always make life easier for you. Sometimes, you just need your tried-and-true equipment to last the long haul."



Slows equipment degradation.

  • Ring Durability (Regular): 110
    • Durability (+1): 85
    • Durability (+2): 70
  • Weight: 0.5
Regular Lowers the durability loss by 20% for weapons, armor and rings.
Ring +1 Lowers the durability loss by 35% for weapons. Lowers durability loss by 25% for armor and rings.
Ring +2 Lowers the durability loss by 50% for weapons. Lowers durability loss by 45% for armor and rings.



Regular The Bracing Knuckle Ring is located in the Lost Bastille. If you port to the Salt Fort bonfire in Sinner's Rise, go down the ladder and take an immediate left. Run across the bridge there and into the doorway at the other end. There are some stairs to the right. Go down them. There is a cell in front of you as you come down and a door right to the left of it. Go through the door and straight to the back. There is a false wall here. Press (X) on PS3 or (A) on Xbox to open the false wall. Inside there is another false wall to your left. Again press (X) or (A). To your left is the Bracing Knuckle Ring on a corpse about 30m away.
Ring +1 Drangleic Castle Sold by Chancellor Wellager in Drangleic Castle for 9000 souls.
Ring +2 Undead Crypt



  • Reduces durability used by special strong attacks for special weapons (e.g. Spider Fang)

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