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Covetous Demon is a boss in Dark Souls 2. covetous_demon.png The Covetous Demon is a large slug like boss, who uses thrashing moves to crush the player and deal high damage. Namely, the Covetous Demon can charge, roll, and strike the player. For this reason it is recommended to use ranged abilities when possible. This boss also has a move where he swallows you and spits you out. He will do this when you are standing in front of him and it reaches about a backstep's length. It doesn't do too much damage, but it unequips all of your gear, including weapons, armour and rings making the rest of the fight practically impossible. That said, if you run around the edge of the arena while using your other hand to open and navigate the menu, you can re-equip without him hitting you. Just be careful not to end up running into the wall or any corners and losing pace.

There are pots hanging in the boss area that when shot with an arrow, will drop a frightened human wearing only a cloth. This person will cower and stay in place where it landed unless killed. The Covetous Demon will eventually make its way to eat the person, leaving it open to attack.

  • There once was a man whose deep affections were unrequited. He transformed into the Covetous Demon, which only made him lonelier than before.

HP: 4,440 (Standard Game)
Souls Awarded: 13,000 (Standard Game) 26,000 (NG+)
Weakness(es): Thrust Attacks, Slash Attacks
Drops: Covetous Demon Soul


Counter Measures
The Covetous Demon will swipe at the player with either claw, depending on position.
- Block, or attempt to roll toward the direction that the claw is coming from.
The Covetous Demon will raise its upper body up, then slam down.
- Run back or strafe to the sides.
Jump Slam
The Demon will ready itself, then jump into the air towards where the player was last targeted, and finally slam into the ground.
- Either run underneath his jump or strafe away
The Covetous Demon will target you and open its mouth. When grabbed he will appear to eat you. Once spit out, all your equipment will be unequipped and you will be hollow with a large health debuff. Your items are not destroyed, only left in your inventory.
(Some report not being hollowed, though hollowing confirmed on PS3 version)
- Back up, or strafe/roll to the right side facing him. (His bite comes from the left)
Tail Attack
The Covetous Demon will lift its tail up in the air, then proceed to smash it on the ground a few times.
- Run to the front of him or roll away from his back side
Occasionally the Covetous Demon will lift its head up in the air and spit acid onto the ground in front of it, dealing damage and damaging armor.
- Roll to the side.
Fat Roll
The Covetous Demon will roll over to one side, in an attempt to crush the player. This may be followed by a secondary roll.
- Block, then run away after he is stationary on his side.
Whilst on his side Covetous Demon will attempt to crush the player. Can be done up to 3 times.
- Run back as fast as possible.
- Blocking isn't recommended unless you have high stamina.

NPC Summons


Melee strategy
A quick roll makes this fight significantly easier. Approach the demon to the right, hacking and strafing to maintain your position. His slash attack will not hit you from this spot and you can get in several attacks before he repositions. The demon’s belly flop and roll attacks are slow making it easy to back away from these attacks. He does have a side roll that is not as clearly telegraphed. It is possible to get 1–2 hits after a roll, but his counter-attack is very powerful. Thrusting weapons seem effective, as well as magic damage.
Do not stay in front of the demon – he has a fast grab move which is difficult to escape and causes a lot of damage.

Cheap Strategy-flexible to most builds
If you are having problems using melee, there is an easily applied alternative that is both cheap and effective. Simply have a short bow(using this only requires 7 Strength, and 12 Dexterity), a good number of wooden arrows(I had several hundreds, but 100 for one go should be more than good enough), and be able to fast roll. Once you pass through the fog gate immediately lock onto the covetous demon, fire an arrow, and then begin moving in either direction around the arena. When he attacks, move as is required to avoid his attacks, and then fire another arrow when he is open to attack. Keep moving, dodge attacks, fire an arrow, start moving again, rinse and repeat. Maintain a decent amount of distance from the demon, avoid using all of your stamina, and also take extra caution to avoid getting caught in the broken end of the stairs(off to your right when you first enter, moving left around the arena can help to avoid this). Patience is key, as this strategy takes advantage of the demon's slow speed.

Alternative fail-safe strategy viable for any build
This strategy works perfectly even if you were eaten and stripped of all your equipment. The basic idea is to have somewhere around 30-40 Throwing Knives in your inventory ready for battle. After this just wait for Boss to jump, run away from the landing point, toss 2 knives then rinse and repeat. Keep distance from boss, don't rush it and you'll kill him in no time.

Bait trick
If you have a bow you can shoot the glowing green pots above one at a time to add undead bait the demon. This makes this boss vulnerable to attacks for a short while. (You can shoot down all of the undead bait at the beginning of the fight and take your time fighting the boss while he is eating them. He will target the bait until they are all dead or eaten.) Once the demon has taken the bait shoot another glowing pot and repeat the process. Be wary though, because the demon can sometimes ignore the bait for a short while before its dropped. Try not to kill the undead bait either, they don't aggro.

Video Strategies :

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Step by Step Strategy Breakdown


  • Stick to the base of his tail on the left side and circle right around the boss as he turns, it makes it a lot harder for him to hit you with his sweeps, as long as you stay close enough to the base of the tail he will not use his tail attack.
  • On NG the demon's swallow attack will not turn you hollow, only unequip your items. (Not sure if it turns you hollow on any playthrough.)


  • After killing Covetous Demon, you cannot break the jar above the room with arrows, however, you can break the jars with Soul Arrow, and it'll drop harmless Undead Citizen.

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