Dark Fog

Spell Type
Spell Uses
Slots Used
25 Intelligence
14 Faith
"A hex that releases a temporary localized mist.
Those who breathe in the mist are instantly assailed by poison.

This hex is regarded as a poison due to the outward symptoms, but in fact the mist eats away at the target's inner essence. Just the traits that led to the prohibition of hexing.

Catalyst: staff"
Acquired From
Purchased from Straid of Olphais for 5200 souls, Found on a body in the bottom of The Gutter.
Long range; AoE
Poison damage is very high and should make quick work of most foes.
Poison fills up faster and does more damage than regular poison from weapons and enemies. The poison builds up considerably faster when cast with a Bat Staff, before Calibration 1.06. Once applied this Hex deals 15 damage per half second for approximately 1095 damage before fading, tested with different staffs (Including Bat Staff) on various enemies.
This Hex works on all bosses (Except Vendrick), however, the amount of poison buildup required differs.
Highly recommended to scatter the fog with Dark Witchtree Branch and Clear Bluestone Ring +2 since the poison buildup stacks with multiple fogs.
NOTE: As of regulation 1.06 the Bat staff with this hex no longer instantly poisons enemy foes, the poison effect for the staff only applies when attacking with the staff.