Giant's Kinship


Each King has his rightful throne.
And when he sits upon it,
he sees what he chooses to see.
Or perhaps, it is the throne,
which shows the king only what he wants.

Scholar of the First Sin added the following:
The flames roar, but will soon begin to fade, and only a worthy heir might burnish their light. What is it, truly, a claimant of the throne could desire?

Giant's Kinship is a Key item in Dark Souls 2.




  • Used to gain access to the 2nd boss fight at the Throne of Want for the Lord Soul, Nashandra.
  • This item is necessary for completing the game cycle.



    • Anonymous

      Giant lord soul without needing other memories05 Oct 2016 22:17  

      Giant lord is in the memory past the king door in forest of falling giants Cardinal tower. Take ladder down and look for the side room that leads outside and you'll see king door.

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