Graverobber, Varg, and Cerah

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HP: xxxx (Standard Game)
Souls Awarded: 60,000 (Standard Game) 120,000 (NG+)
Drops 3 Twinkling Titanite, 3 Petrified Dragon Bones, and 1 Titanite Slab.
(to a further extent: Flower Skirt and Dark Greatsword, however Dark Greatsword can be obtained before the boss, defeating the boss just gives more direct access)

3 NPC boss fight. Made up of Ancient Soldier Varg, Afflicted Graverobber, and Cerah the Old Explorer. Varg wears full Havel's armor and wields Havel's shield and the Dragon Tooth. Graverobber wears Alva's armor, and dual-wields Berserker Blades. Cerah wears Lucatiel's mask, Black Leather Armor, & the Leather Gloves and Leggings and wields an Estoc and Dragonslayer Greatbow. They can be found in by Cave of the Dead by getting the Eternal Sanctum Key from Dragon's Sanctum and entering Dragon's Sanctum opening the door on the left with the Eternal Snactum Key then you will find a couple of sets of ladders climb up them gon on the bridge on the end of the building and you will see a bridge caution is advised as when you cross the bridge you will be invaded by Rockshield Baldyr near the end of the bridge is a bonfire at the ed of a room is a drop into the Cave of the Dead.


Attack Name Attack Description
Ancient Soldier Varg Dragon Tooth's Moveset (Includes Jumping, Rolling and Running attacks)
Afflicted Graverobber Berserker Blade's Moveset (Includes Jumping, Rolling and Running attacks)
Cerah the Old Explorer -- Ranged While out of range he will shoot greatarrows that will mostly knock you down.
Cerah the Old Explorer -- Melee Estoc's Moveset (Includes Jumping, Rolling and Running attacks)


If you have phantoms summoned, let them tank one or two enemies while you take the other down. Without summons just run around until you see an opening in one of them (don't be scared to trade blows with Cerah or Graverobber) rinse and repeat until they are all dead.

Solo Strategy

If you decided to solo against three of them, try using the boss room and capability of dealing full damage to them to your advantage. In fact, solo strategy is much easier because boss AI can be exploited. Try kiting them between upper and lower platforms so they'll mostly be lined up together, take down Graverobber and Cerah as top priority if you have Great Resonant Soul or other ranged attack as they have much worse defense than Varg. Remember to use Amber Herb when you run out of castings. Once there's only Varg left, you're mostly safe.

Video Strategy:
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  • This is almost a PvP battle, be ready for it.
  • They are just like Black Phantoms, this means they will use Estus and if you let, they will Backstab or Guard Break you.
  • They tend to pursue you without any tactics, like a group of typical AI Black Phantoms, with exception to Cerah, who has Dragonslayer's Greatbow as ranged attack.
  • Each of the three can be poisoned with 2 casts of Dark Fog (I haven't tried any other poisonous attacks).
  • Can be poisoned with poison knifes too.
  • Can be poisoned with poison infused weapons too.
  • One strategy is to use a poison melee weapon such as Poison Manslayer+5 since all of them can be poisoned. Then just kill them by fishing backstabs. You do massive damage with backstabs + poison.
  • Backstabs are effective and do massive amounts of damage
  • Soul Appease can be used to deal a significant amount of damage as long as the player is on a level field with one of them.
  • (292 dmg with one summon) tested with +10 Lightning Dragon Chime and 55 faith
  • NOTE: Bleed status effect works on Cerah,
  • Bleed is also effective against The Afflicted Graverobber. Her resistance is slightly higher so it requires a few more hits.
  • Powerstanced +10 bleeding claws stacked with the crest of blood and the shadow gauntlets does extreme bleed damage.
  • They can parry your attacks and riposte you, so watch yourself and don't be overly aggressive.
  • You can also parry and riposte their attacks. Can be done with the parrying dagger and a good enchanted greatsword in 1-4 hits each.



  • "Varg" is the Swedish word for wolf, and is used as a name in reality.
  • This boss fight is reminiscent of actual PvE/PvP situations. 3 players and a boss and 3 players and an invader.
  • Referred as "Gank Squad" by fans.
  • Afflicted Graverobber may occasionaly freeze allowing the player to easily kill Cerah and Varg. (Very rare, PC)

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