Heirs of the Sun is a co-op focused multiplayer Covenant in Dark Souls 2. The covenant reveals the gesture "Praise the Sun" that has become characteristic of the series.

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Covenant Leader: The Sun
Where to Join: Harvest Valley

How to Join Heirs of the Sun

In Harvest Valley, after the 2nd bonfire ( The Mines), take a right after you leave said bonfire and then another right towards the small area where the floor is covered with poison gas and you see two Dark Magic Giants. Kill the Steelworker Undead (the undead with the big hammer) standing across the bridge. Cross this small bridge and turn left to get into a small cave, but beware the Sickle Wielder that's standing around the corner. Continue until you reach the end and you'll find a broken statue similar to Dark Souls 1. Pray to it, and you'll be asked to join the covenant.



Heirs to the Sun is a covenant solely focused on co-op. Sunlight Medals are awarded for defeating area bosses, however you and/or the summoned phantom has to be a member of the covenant before defeating the boss. A phantom within the covenant can be summoned via the White Sign Soapstone signs found on the floor, they are easy to spot due to their sign's bright orange glow (instead of white). The medals earned can then be offered at the statue that originally allowed the player to join the covenant. These medals are offered up so that the player can increase their rank within the covenant.
They can also drop from Falconer Knights in Things Betwixt (NG+) and the Dark Magic Giants in Harvest Valley. These medals are required to rank up in the covenant.



Covenant Items

  • Sun Seal: Ring of the Heirs of the Sun covenant. Slightly increases miracle attack power.
  • Sunlight Medal: Medals earned by defeating a boss together with a member of the Heirs of the Sun.



Notes, Hints, and Tips

  • Unlike in Dark Souls 1, it does NOT require a certain amount of Faith to join this covenant.
  • Players in this covenant are often referred to as "Sunbros" by the online community.
  • This covenant does not have an NPC related to it.
  • Players might want to leave this covenant after obtaining all of the rewards, because there will be nothing else left to fight for and the covenant does not have a unique merchant. It is also still possible to engage in jolly co-operation using your soapstones, just without the grossly incandescent aura. It is more likely to be summoned while in the covenant, however, from the more noticeable sign and the fact that the world master gets a reward.
  • Farming the Guardian Dragon boss is especially fruitful. Frequent summons and the dragon's weakness to lightning make this an easy fight for any up and coming Heir of the Sun.
  • Glitch: Sometimes you won't receive a Sunlight Medal, even after defeating the boss (PC). You are supposed to gain one from either summoning a Sunbro to your world or being a Sunbro and being summoned for a boss. There is no current solution or definitive reason why this happens
  • Glitch (FIXED): When being invaded, kneeling down at the altar will make you invulnerable. (I was invading as a Red Phantom and tried to backstab the host at the altar. Howerver nothing happened. He didnĀ“t even get hit at all. Not from spells, items or different weapons).

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