Hollow Skin is an Attire or Armor in Dark Souls 2.

Hollow Skin.png

Hollow Skin

Stats Total
icon-physicaldef.png 13 icon-poisedef.png 0
icon-strikedef.png 13 icon-poisonres.png 4
icon-slashdef.png 13 icon-bleedres.png 4
icon-thrustdef.png 13 icon-petrifyres.png 4
icon-magicdef.png 4 icon-curseres.png 1000
icon-firedef.png 4  
icon-lightningdef.png 4 icon-durabilitiy.png 50
icon-darkdef.png 4 icon_weight.png 1.5
Requirements & Bonus
icon-strength_22.png icon-dexterity_22.png icon-intelligence_22.png icon-faith_22.png icon-physicaldefbonus_green.png
Armor Type  

"A hood imitating the head of a Hollow.
Provides curse resistance, and makes it easier to detect messages from other worlds.
Finely crafted to perfectly imitate the head of a Hollow, only without the abhorrent stench.
Whoever created this was surely deeply respectful of those lost to Hollowing."


  • Found in Brume Tower: from Foyer bonfire, ride the elevator up till it stops (two levels), then take another elevator right next to it; a bit above the bottom of the shaft there's an activated wall and past it, a room fool of water-filled vases and a chest.
  • Location Video


  • Upgraded with regular Titanite.
  • Upgraded stats are 4 times higher and physical defenses are 6 times higher.
  • Completely negates curse.
  • When worn during Nashandra boss fight, it turns the cursing effect of grey wisps into regular damage (damage type and amount unknown).
  • Grants the effect of the Guidance miracle, allowing the wearer to identify illusionary walls.

Piece Information & Upgrades

First row = Regular. Second row = +10

Name & Icon icon-physicaldef.png icon-strikedef.png icon-slashdef.png icon-thrustdef.png icon-magicdef.png icon-firedef.png icon-lightningdef.png icon-darkdef.png icon-poisonres.png icon-bleedres.png icon-petrifyres.png icon-curseres.png
Hollow Skin icon-physicaldefbonus_green.png D icon-poisedef.png 0 icon_weight.png 1.5 icon-durabilitiy.png 50
Hollow Skin.png
2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1000
13 13 13 13 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 1000

Hollow Skin equipped.jpg

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