Licia of Lindelt

She can be found praying atop Heide's Tower of Flame after defeating the Dragonrider boss.
She moves to the contraption that does not move between Majula and Heide's Tower of Flame after exhausting her dialogue.

This contraption is in Majula at the stone stairway right next to the path up to the Victor's Stone. Talk to her in Heide's Tower until she says she needs to move on and she will reappear in Majula. If you do not exhaust her dialogue the first time you meet her, she will automatically move to the rotunda in the waterway.

If you have the Crushed Eye Orb,  it will stir close to her in Majula. If you use the Eye, a battle against Licia will start and afterwards she will be removed from the game. If you win you will gain the Soothing Sunlight miracle, a full saint's set, an Idol's Chime and the Rotunda Lockstone , which let's you move the contraption. If you die, she will still be there and you can use the Eye again. (If you manage to die and still kill her, you will respawn at the bonfire and gain NO items).

You can only invade Licia with the crushed eye orb once you have killed AT LEAST 3 of the 4 Great Soul Bosses. So if you get through the Shrine of Winter using the 1M souls route or the skip, you have to go back and kill 3 Bosses before the crushed eye orb will stir (as well as facing her invasion avatar the Nameless Usurper in both Drangleic Castle and the Undead Crypt).

If you kill her a tombstone will appear directly where you killed her, if you pray at the tombstone and pay 7000 souls it resurrects her as a ghost above the tombstone and will still sell you her items and miracles. The tombstone's time until appearance is related to time spent in game, and it can take as long as 6 or more hours (in-game) for it to appear. Just be patient and come back to it later in the day. It is confirmed that the tombstone does appear if you invade her world using the Crushed Eye Orb, however it can take a long time to appear.

Killing Licia bestows the player with the typical sin of any red orb invasion, however there may be irregularities with how this sin functions in other areas of the game described herein: [Killing her using the crushed orb reduced the scaling on my Lost Sinner's Sword -- by this measure it DOES count as sin. The pardoner will take souls in exchange for pardoning this sin, but the scaling was not restored to it's previous value upon pardoning.] [No sins pardoned will restore the previous value of Sinner's Sword. You cannot restore its orignal AR once you sin no matter what]

If you have Faith stat (30+) and have exhausted dialogue options with Licia, she will give you the Idol's Chime and the full Saint's Set without you having to kill her. You can still kill her after receiving these items.

Attacks (when invading her)

  • She mainly casts miracles and doesn't attack often with her chime.
  • Miracles she casts (2 of them being unique to her):
  1. Wrath of Gods (fast, high AoE lightning damage)
  2. Fast Heal (Unique, a special type of the miracle, it is casted extremely fast while standing, and heals slower than the other miracles).
  3. Blinding Bolt (floating orb that fires lightning bolts, she sometimes shoot two Blinding Bolts at once).
  4. Lightning Bolt (Unique, a fast, single lightning bolt hurled towards you, not to be confused with Lightning Spear [which isn't used by her])



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Locations Events
Heide's Tower of Flame Praying atop the Tower of Flame where you fought Dragonrider.
Between Majula and Heide's Tower of Flame She will be at the contraption that didn't move in between these two areas once you exhaust her dialogue.



Uses Slots Cost
Heal 12 3 1 1,500
Med Heal 18 2 1 3,000
Great Heal Excerpt 14 1 1 4,500
Replenishment 16 2 1 3,000
Resplendent Life 25 2 2 4,500
Caressing Prayer 15 4 1 2,000
Force 12 10 1 1,800
Lightning Spear 22 10 1 6,000
Homeward 18 1 1 2,400
Guidance 12 10 1 3,700
Ring of Prayer       28,000
Cleric's Sacred Chime 10     1,400



Items Souls
Soothing Sunlight
only if you use crushed eye orb.
Saint's Set only if you use crushed eye orb (but will give you if you have 30 faith or more)  
Idol's Charm  



If you find the Crushed Eye Orb, not the cracked red eye orb, you will receive a message when you next meet her. Activating the orb has you invade her as a Red Phantom. She is not a push over by any means, but killing her can be surprisingly easy, if not time consuming.

Things to know before you do battle:

  • Her main attack strategies are miracles, including lightning attacks and Wrath of the Gods. Her lightning attacks are easily avoided by using the pillar in the center of the room to block the lightning. With a high stability shield, Wrath of the Gods only drains a bit of stamina. However, it is easy to get killed because it has a large AOE and you can be caught unaware.
  • Using the hex Profound Still makes the fight much easier with backstabs, although her she runs around trying to hit you.
  • She will also attack you with her Idol Chime, which can apparently do some substantial damage if you're not careful.
  • She has low poise and can be easily staggered; this can be useful to interrupt her miracle casting.
  • She can be poisoned and backstabbed.
  • When she gets to half of her health, she will begin to cast healing miracles. This can drag the battle out (sometimes annoyingly so)
  • She seems to have around 9000+ health (NG), so if you don't do a lot of damage with each hit, bring a ring to slow weapon wear and tear. (8000's closer, ran ceastus and accumulated 3.6k hp, which appeared to very slightly under half (PC))
  • Killer her with an invasion DOES add sin (Tested and confirmed with PC 5/8/14 using empirical and reproducible results. Preemptively accumulated enough sin to be labeled "sinner," then allowed blue invasions until "sinner" status was reduced to the minimal possible of 9 sin points and the standard "--" status returned. Invaded and killed Lucia, resulting in a status change from "--" to "sinner," having reached the 10th sin point from killing her).
  • Magic

Magic Shield
can block her WotG and chime bashing effectively, while Lightning Watcher's Shield, Lightning Mastodon Greatshield or Havel's Greatshield can completely block her lightlning miracle without receiving damage.

  • WARNING CHEAP STRATEGY: Using a ground-pounding weapon like the large club, repeatedly pound Licia into the ground where she will be completely unable to fight back. Use poison weapon or moon butterfly armor to inflict poison to slightly speed up the battle.
  • No seriously, all you need to do is punch her to death like any other NPCs besides the Greatsword guy. Just keep mashing the R1 and never stop, and it will interrupt anything she tries to do. For best results, use a Poison Caestus. (Using a Caestus and hitting her just before she used miracles meant there was no resistance at all, use a Chloranthy ring (+1/2) if needed for stamina regen between hits.)
  • HEXER Easy Strategy: The Profound Still hex will block her Miracles and she starts attacking with her chime instead.

When you enter the room, she will not be visible but will quickly appear on the left side of the pillar. Essentially, your battle strategy can be to use the pillar to circle her, get behind her and backstab. It is a good idea to raise your shield when she begins casting if you don't think you can hit her immediately, as your shield will block the AOE if she casts Wrath of the Gods. If you have a poison buffed weapon, about 4 hits will seal the effect. Poison is an excellent way to drain about 1000 HP from her per application. Circle her and backstab when you are able.

When she begins casting her heal spell, you can either move to interrupt or backstab her. If you are a high-level hex caster, Profound Still can be used to silence her, making this part of the battle much easier.

When she dies she will drop the Saints Set (if you already received it due to high faith, you will get another set), her Idol Chime, the Rotunda Lockstone (allowing you to move the path), and the miracle Soothing Sunlight. You will then return to your world.

Another way to kill her requires the following:
A poison/bleed weapon
The profound still hex
Great heavy soul arrow
Your favourite sorceries/hex casting weapon
The king's mirror
An armour set that can reduce casting time (what worked for me was: black hood, lion mage robe, lion mage cuffs, and lion mage skirt)
And finally the lingering dragoncrest ring, the clear bluestone ring, and the chloranthy ring
The basic strategy is get her to half health with great heavy soul arrow, and if need be defend with the king's mirror since it blocks wrath of the gods at a bit of a distance, and once she is down to half hit her with your bleed/poison weapon until she dies. At this point you must be relentless in hitting her because she can still hit back with her weapon and do some pretty mean damage.

Video Strategy


  • Avoid attacking her early on. She has high health and can easily kill a new character. Her AI may be exploitable to kill her more easily, however. She only fights with miracles and lacks poise so a player could stun-lock her until she dies if they are careful.
  • If you are playing as a mage, use Profound Still. She will be unable to cast, making defeating her easy.
  • If you kill her a tombstone will appear, if you pray at the tombstone and pay 7000 souls it resurrects her as a ghost above the tombstone and will still sell you her items and miracles. It is not known if there are any additional faith or covenant requirements for the tombstone to appear.
  • She is also required for the Gathering of Exiles achievement. So make sure that you have it before killing her.
  • Instead of purchasing a Cleric's Sacred Chime, one can be found on the ground in Majula.
  • I shot her from long range at her original spot above the Dragon Rider, curious to see if killing her gives you the lockstone or if she drops it on the ground. Unfortunately she drops it on the ground, so you can't use this method to skip fighting the Dragon Rider altogether.
  • Easy method for killing her: Attack her enough that she gets up. Then just punch her off the tower so she drops to her death and then rest at the bonfire to make her loot appear.
  • If you are hunting for achievements be sure to kill her for her spells before using bonfire acestic at Majula (Say if Cale the Cartographer has disappeared and you are trying to restore him to get his helmet).

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