Gear for standard build
Right weapon:
1, Lightning Defender Greatsword +5 (Or Lightning Claymore +10 early on)
2 Lightning Dragon Chime +5 (Or Priests Chime +10 early on)
3 Pyromancy flame +10 (Potential to use the dark pyro flame if you spend a lot of time hollowed)
Left weapon:
1 Drangleic shield +5 (Royal kite works just as well, for me its a looks thing)
2 Binoculars (manual aiming for spells, particularly the lightning spears)
1 Third dragon ring (really give me a reason not to wear this ring on any build)
2 Royal soldiers ring +1 (essential if you want to wear heavier armour)
3 Sun Seal (bonus Miracle damage)
4 Clear Bluestone ring +1 (will speed up your casting to over 100 which is very handy)
Armour (this is just the look i like for my character, use whatever Armour your most comfortable with, damage output is the most important thing)
Head: Faaram Helmet +10
Body: Throne Watcher armour +5
Steel Gauntlets +10
Alonne Knight Leggings +10
Vig: 18
End: 20
VIT: 20
ATT: 30
STR: 20
DEX: 13 (12 when you get Defender Greatsword)
INT: 3
FTH: 50 (65 for Blinding Bolt)
This is where the build differs slightly weather or not you pushed faith to 65
SL 169: 6 slots = Lightning spear, great lightning spear, Heavenly thunder, flame swathe, Firestorm, and either chaos storm or emit force.
SL 184 6 slots = Great Lightning spear, Sunlight spear (2 slots), Blinding Bolt, Flame swathe, chaos/firestorm
fight boss

[As an added note, you don't have to stop there, after SL184 i found pumping attunement with every possible level up to be quite beneficial, having an arsenal of different spells really helps in PVP, this build is particularly good at ignoring defenses and stunning opponents while doing it...i mean come on it is a great-sword build too)

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