Manscorpion Tark

General Info
Health Souls Location Drops
? 1,200 Shaded Woods Second Dragon Ring

Manscorpion Tark is an NPC in Dark Souls 2


Manscorpion Tark Information




Shaded Woods. After the Shaded Ruins bonfire. When you enter the area with lots of , take a left. Tark can be found in a pit after going through the buildings here.




  1. Second Dragon Ring




- Without Ring of Whispers equipped

- Use "Talk" Option
Human, are we?
This is no place for you. Be gone.

- Use "Talk" Option
Are you not afraid of me?
Humans rarely come here.
Those who do turn back when they see me. Or make an attempt on my life.
But you, heh…are different.

- Use "Talk" Option
We once had a master. He created us long, long ago.
But he was born with a fatal flaw.
He resented those who had what he lacked, and became fully mired in hatred.
Eventually, he drove himself mad.
It was at the peak of this madness that he conjured up we strange creatures.

- Use "Talk" Option
Our master was a tragically lonely soul.
Eventually, his solitude eroded his very reason.
In the end, he never understood…
…what it was that he truly lacked.

- Use "Talk" Option
Nobody knows when we were born.
Or where our master has gone.
The only ones who even speak a human tongue are myself and my better half.

- Use "Talk" Option
I wish to ask a favour of you. I want you to kill my betrothed.
Once, I always found her at my side. But as time went on, things went awry.
She became violent, raging uncontrollably.
Eventually she came after me.
And we've been locked in combat ever since.

- Use "Talk" Option
We seem to be at a standstill. The wounds we exchange are never lethal.
I was born of my master's madness. Perhaps this is some curse.
I will be sure to assist you in return.

- Use "Talk" Option
The past is a distant fog…
My name was Tark… That is all that I remember…

- After defeating Najka
You've defeated my better half.
This is my thanks. Take it.

- Use "Talk" Option
Long ago, there was a being with powers similar to ours.
The creature took the form of a spider.
But I don't know where it disappeared to.
Perhaps it was seduced by madness.

- After defeating Freja
What skill. You've defeated my master.
But our master never dies, only changes form, so that he may seethe for all eternity.
Brave human, you have yet to face your greatest perils.
Take these. May joy await you at the end of your travels.

- Use "Talk" Option
I have no gods to pray to.
But still I pray that your journey will be safe.

- When attacked
Hrgkt! (no caption)
What are you doing!
Have you been enslaved by madness? (aggroed)
You wretched human! (50% HP)

- When killing the player
Foolish human…

- Returning after defeat
The mad will never be forgiven.

- When killed
Arrggh... (no caption)




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