Maughlin the Armourer

General Info
Health Souls Location Drops
1,100 900 Majula Tseldora Set

Maughlin the Armourer is an NPC in Dark Souls 2


Maughlin the Armourer Information

  • Sells new armor sets after spending souls (1,000 and 16,000). After spending 16,000 souls talk with him while holding 0 souls and he will give you Full Aurous Set for free.
  • Drops the Tseldora Robe, Tseldora Cap, Tseldora Trousers and Tseldora Manchettes when killed
  • If killed will not give special armors or boss armors. May have been patched out. On the PC V1.02, if Maughlin is killed, he will still sell boss armors once the boss is killed and you have made the minimum purchase necessary to unlock new sets. May require that you make a minimum purchase prior to killing him.




Majula. Sitting in a house to the left of the pit.




  1. Tseldora Set




Name Requirement Quantity Souls
(none) Infinite 1200
(none) Infinite 1500
(none) Infinite 2000
(none) Infinite 800
(none) Infinite 1260
(none) Infinite 940
(none) Infinite 1100
(none) Infinite 1000
(none) Infinite 750
(none) Infinite 850
(none) Infinite 900
(none) Infinite 1500
(none) Infinite 1050
(none) Infinite 1200
  • (After buying goods worth 1000 souls)
Infinite 2200
Infinite 4000
Infinite 2500
Infinite 2900
Infinite 1600
Infinite 2700
Infinite 1900
Infinite 2200
  • (After buying goods worth 16,000)
Infinite 5200
Infinite 8000
Infinite 6000
Infinite 7100
  • (after buying goods worth 16,000 AND having 0 souls in your possession, just talk to him and he'll give you the armor.)
1 0
1 0
1 0
1 0
1 7800
1 10000
1 8500
1 9000
1 7000
1 8200
1 6800
1 7500
1 8200
1 13500
1 9500
1 10800
1 9800
1 13000
1 10700
1 12000
1 11000
1 15000
1 12600
1 13800
1 9300
1 12500
1 10200
1 11600
  • (Must be in NG+++ for all Moon Butterfly pieces, however, bonfire ascetics work to this end.)
1 10000
1 15000
1 10000
1 10000




- First Encounter
Err, oh, hello there!
W-welcome, to my shop. I-I'm Maughlin, and I sell armour.
Oh, sorry, I… Please, do have a look at my wares.
I could really use the business… If you'd be so kind…

- Meeting Again
Oh, hello again. I-I hope you find something of use.

- Meeting Again
Well, thank you, for coming back! Do take a look at my wares.

- Meeting Again, after spending 1,000 souls
Oh, I was hoping that you would come.
I've stocked some new things, and I thought you might be interested.
They've been selling rather well, and I may step up operations soon.
I'm…well I'm surprising even myself, to be honest.

- Meeting Again, after spending 1,000 souls
I'm glad to see you safe. Take…take a look at my wares.

- Meeting Again, after spending 1,000 souls
Forget to buy something? Go ahead, take your time.

- Meeting Again, after spending 15,000 souls
Um, sorry, have we met? Oh sorry, it's just I've been awfully busy lately.
Care to look over my wares? Please, be my guest.
I upgraded my stock recently. Although it may be a bit out of your reach…

- Meeting Again, after spending 15,000 souls
Looking for armour? Everything I offer is quite dependable.

- Meeting Again, after spending 15,000 souls
You need armour? Go ahead, see what I'm offering.

- When gifting the transparent Auros Set
In a spot of bother are we?
Here, take this. My compliments.

- Using Talk Option
I came from the west, from Volgen.
Have you been there? It's a lively place, vibrant with trade.
Very competitive, of course. And y-you have to grease the wheels to get anywhere.
But I didn't have the funding for that, so I left home in hopes of striking gold.
It's been years since then, and I've… well I've made very little headway…hah hah
I don't even know why I'm still here…
Everything's all run-down and dying… It's t-terrible for business, really…

- Using Talk Option
A group calling themselves the Blue Sentinels have gained much power in Volgen.
You can't even run a shop without their blessing.
They claim to be working for the greater good, oh…but it's absolute hogwash.

- Using Talk Option
Oh, by the gods…Why the hell am I here?

- Using Talk Option, after spending 1,000 souls
Did I mention before that I'm not from these parts?
I was on a journey… And somehow ended up here…
The desolation here was disenchanting at first. But over time, things started to turn my way.
Yeah, I-I've got a good few regulars now.
They're all strangely desperate, and quite willing to pay a premium.
Sadly, some of them never come back. But I try not to think about it.

- Using Talk Option, after spending 1,000 souls
Have you seen that warrior lugging that giant blue sword about?
I'm no expert, but that appears to be a fine specimen.
The monstrous thing has a peculiar design, quite unlike anything found in Volgen.
If you should speak to him, would you ask him if he won't sell it?
I'd have to take another look, but I'm confident I could offer quite a price.

- Using Talk Option, after spending 1,000 souls
I considered returning to my homeland, but I've decided to stay a while longer.
I've started to turn a handsome profit now, and I can't bear to give it up. Heh.

- Using Talk Option, after spending 15,000 souls
I'm rich, I'm rich…Mwa hah hah!
I don't need to go home anymore!
Home…home…? Where…where is home…?

- Using Talk Option, with Bluemoon Greatsword in inventory
That sword that you've got… May I, um, have a look at it?
Hmm, it's…yeah…it's interesting, it's…
Oh, no, I'm afrai…sorry, I'm afraid this is a fake. It's not worth much at all.
The original must be somewhere, I would imagine.

- When leaving, having used his services
Thanks very much. And, do please come again.

- Using his services, after spending 1,000 souls
Thanks very much. Do come again!

- Using his services, after spending 15,000 souls
Thanks for the purchase. Do come again.

- When leaving, without having used his services
Well, I, I do hope I see you again.

- Not using his services, after spending 1,000 souls
Always open for business.

- Not using his services, after spending 15,000 souls
Are you sure? Well…I may sell out while you're away.

- When walking off without closing the menu
Oh, is something wrong?

- Walking off, after spending 1,000 souls
Finished already?

- Walking off, after spending 15,000 souls
Now, have some patience!

- When attacked
Who…what the?! (not aggroed)
C-curses upon you! Enough of this! (aggroed)

- When killing the player
I-I did it…

- Re-encounter after dying to Maughlin
Oh it's y-you again?

- When HP is reduced to 50%
Y-you won't get me!




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    • Anonymous

      02 Aug 2017 19:48  

      I play PS3 with Dark Souls 2 and when I kill the merchant I did not get any type of Boss armor so please be careful because I did not know and I try spending 16000 and I went a little over than that

      • 21 Apr 2017 14:57  

        This page is incomplete, he also gives you the Aurous set after spending 16000 souls and having 0 souls in your character.
        Also, he sells the Ivory King Armor if you killed or delivered the Loyces souls to Alsanna, Silent Oracle in the Crown of the Ivory King DLC.

        • Anonymous

          Got told to kill him for a set that helps me earn more souls12 Sep 2016 23:48  

          Got told he can be brought backthey didnt mention its for 3000 souls and temporaryused BA to try and bring him back but it didnt work x,.x

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