Name-Engraved Ring is a special co-op ring in Dark Souls 2.
name-engraved_ring.png "A special ring that can be engraved with the name of a god. Becomes easier to connect to worlds of players who chose the same god.
There are countless vestiges of long-lost gods in the ruins of Drangleic. Or perhaps they are the very same gods as ours, only known by different names."


  • Becomes easier to connect to worlds of players who chose the same god.
    • Note: NPC phantoms become [[#|unavailable]] if you have this ring equipped!
  • Durability: 130
  • [[#|Weight]]: 0.2


Sold by Sweet Shalquoir in Majula for 5500 souls.


  • A new god can be chosen upon un-equipping and re-equipping the [[#|ring]] for infinite uses.
  • While not explicitly stated in the description of the ring, it also makes your summon sign inaccessible to anyone who is wearing the ring and has not chosen the same god as you.

Gods available:

  • Nehma - [[#|Goddess]] of Love
  • Caitha - Goddess of Tears
  • Calib - God of Disease
  • Kremmel - God of Struggle
  • Evlana - Goddess of the Hunt
  • Hanleth - Goddess of Bliss
  • Nahr Alma - God of Blood
  • Zinder - God of Desire
  • Quella - God of Dream
  • Caffrey - Goddess of Fortune

(Fextralife players are generally servants of Evlana - Goddess of the Hunt.)

    • 25 Feb 2017 18:04  

      The Return to Drangleic Event (which started today, February 25 2017) is co oping using the Name-Engraved Ring set to Kremmel, god of struggle, for everyone's information.

      • 30 Dec 2016 20:43  

        are you able to be in a different covenant? I was wondering because I'm pretty sure you need to be in the same covenant in order to join your friends worlds, so is it possible to be in a different covenant than the person you want to summon while using this ring?

        • SM Ranges10 Sep 2016 23:04  

          So me and my friend were playing. I have a 256 character with over 12 million soul memory, and his 78 with 2 million, and we still can connect. But then I go on my 300k soul memory character to play with him and we can't connect. What are the sm ranges?

          • A hidden effect!29 Aug 2016 04:56  

            I cant edit the page, or at least, I'm not going to try to, but this ring has a bit of a hidden effect. Me and my friends use the ring when co-oping because only people wearing the ring and who have chosen the same god as you can even see your summon sign. It makes things a lot easier for all of us.

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