Old Witch Soul


Soul of the ineffable.
This once magnificent soul continues to exert influence over the land, even after the eons have reduced it to these remnants.

Old Witch Soul is a consumable item in Dark Souls 2.








    • Anonymous

      30 Dec 2017 23:07  

      the first time the lost sinner drops his soul, but the second time he drops a fragment of Izalith's soul, but remembering that her soul is in the lordvessel, how is that possible?

      • Anonymous

        24 May 2017 18:48  

        If you haven't finished Lucatiel's quest yet, Sinner's Rise bonfire would be the best to Ascetic... After beating a boss 3x with Lucatiel surviving, talk to her in Aldia's keep and she'll give you her set + sword... And you also get the Old Witch Soul from the Lost Sinner, which you can trade for Chaos Blade and/or Flame Weapon. The Rotten is easier yes, but think of the Old Witch Soul = multi-benefit Ascetic. :)

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