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Spell Type Pyromancy
Spell Uses 1-2
Slots Used 2
Requirements None
Description A pyromancy of Nadalia, Bride of Ash. Spouts multiple Dark flames.
"This child of Dark, bearing inconceivable strength, found herself in a kingless land devoid of souls. And in journeying there, has all but condemned herself to a fate most wretched."
Acquired From Trade the completed Soul of Nadalia, Bride of Ash + 45000 souls with Straid. In order to acquire all 12 of Nadalia's soul shards, all 11 ashen idols must be deactivated with Smelter Wedges. The 12th shard is found after the battle with Sir Alonne.
Type Large AoE
Notes Functionally similar to the Chaos Storm and the other firestorm family spells, only producing powerful dark flames instead.


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