Poison Throwing Knife


A throwing knife. Intended to poison the target more than inflict direct damage.
This simple weapon is easily utilized, but has limited range and deals little damage. However, if the knife can cause poison, the target will take damage for some time.

Poison Throwing Knife is a type of projectiles in Dark Souls 2




  • Thrown at targeted enemy, dealing damage, and inflict poison.
  • Damage does seem to scale slightly, and presumably the poison effect does scale too. Tested against Majula pigs before and after increasing Dexterity.



  • Rare drop from claw wielding manikins in Earthen Peak
  • Drop from hollows in The Gutter.
  • Sold by Lonesome Gavlan for 350 souls each. (Unlimited supply in the Doors of Pharros).
  • 20 on a corpse in Dragon's Sanctum in the area leading to Flynn's Ring.

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