Cosplay PVE Build

icon-lvl.png 150
icon-vigor.png 25
icon-endurance.png 25
icon-vitality.png 25
icon-attunement.png 6

icon-strength.png 30
icon-dexterity.png 50
icon-adaptability.png 30
icon-intelligence.png 6
icon-faith.png 6

This is a player-created Build for Dark Souls 2.
  • Build Name: Ranger
  • Starting Class & Gift: Any (Preferably Deprived since it has the largest potential to be anything)
  • Build Focus: PvE

Build Equipment

  • Right Hand 1: Hand (any straight sword allowed: preferably the Fume Straight sword since it has the farthest reach)
  • Right Hand 2: Hand (any dagger allowed)
  • Right Hand 3: Hand (any thrusting sword allowed)
  • Left Hand 1: Hunter's Blackbow (any bow allowed excluding greatbows)
  • Left Hand 2: Hand (any dagger allowed)
  • Left Hand 3: Hand (any curved swords, allowed excluding great curved swords)
  • Head: Thief's mask +10 (Any other hood you like will also do unless you don't want a hood for this Ranger build. That's fine too)
  • Chest: Llewellyn Armor +5 (Any light armor allowed and if you want a little heavier; Drangleic Armor is fine as well)
  • Hands: Llewellyn Gloves +5 (Any light armor allowed)
  • Legs: Llewellyn Shoes +5 (Any light armor allowed)
  • Spells: None
  • Rings: Third Dragon Ring, Chloranthy Ring +2, Ring Of Blades +2, Flynn's Ring (Preferable but not required since this build is for Cosplay)

Build Strategy

You want to have a healthy distance between you and the enemy with plenty of ammunition for the bow (no shields allowed for this build making this for advanced players or people that love cruelty) and if you have the Fume sword or the Estoc, you'll have an easier time with this build. Duel-wielding is the greatest for this build since it gives you more options of how to approach the enemy.

You will also want items that buff your weapons so that bosses don't make mince meat out of your flattened corpse.

This build has not been tested and I will appreciate comments on the build and how it works in actual combat.

    • 18 Jan 2017 18:26  

      This is a great build! I am currently using it, because the same way I finished Dark Souls 1 would like to finish 2 (with a range build). Of course I went through many moments that apparently were impossible to do with an archer, in those times I used another weapon. However I assure that it is possible to take advantage of this build in up to 75% of the game, it is only necessary to have patience and persistence. It is a very fun build to play and in some situations is even easier than conventional builds.

      Hint: Enjoy the variety of arrows, especially the poison arrows, great for killing enemies with heavy armor.

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