Resplendent Life

Spell Type
Spell Uses
Slots Used
25 Faith
"A great miracle used by highly-ranked clerics.
Slowly restores a large amount of HP.

Cleric Forsalle of Lindeldt was a master of miracles who fought battles across the lands. His allies called him a holy knight, but his enemies feared him for his "demonic powers.""
Acquired From
Can be purchased from Licia of Lindeldt for 4500 souls. Found in locked cell next to Straid's Cell in NG+. It can also be bought from Straid of Olaphis for 4500 souls.
You can also find in the area of the Straid's Cell Bonfire alongside 3 Firebombs. The Bastille Key is required to get here. You can acquire this in Belfry Luna after the Belfry Gargoyle fight.
Self; Heal
Lasts for 60 seconds
Essentially better than Replenishment, healing 14 HP per second.
Does not appear to stack with Replenishment, as it seems to override it if cast afterwards.

    • Anonymous

      Replenishment Comparison29 Aug 2016 10:57  

      I don't think this spell is any better than Replenishment, and perhaps it's worse. It heals the same amount, except it's over one minute instead of two. Seeing as how this is a spell that's usually performed before a tough fight, the first few seconds of it will be wasted, since there's a brief time span before your first hit taken. That waste is larger with Resplendent Life. In short, any fight longer than two minutes is best started with Replenishment, while any fight shorter than two minutes is best served by Resplendent Life.

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