Rouge Water


"Crimsons water of unknown origin.
Restores HP and spell uses.
Though known to some as red holy water, not everyone acknowledges its holy status."

Rouge Water is a type of consumable in Dark Souls 2.




Restorative item.

  • Restores 850 HP and 50% of spell uses.
  • Note: Will not restore uses to spells that have 1 use/ casting (Soul Geyser, Forbidden Sun) unless you have more than one use available.



  • One can be found directly after opening the passage way to Huntman's Copse on a corpse
  • Rare drop from White Hollow Sorcerers
  • Treasure in the ruin sentinels room afther going up the stairs go to the left and if you are on ps3 press x and it will reveal a secret room
  • Can be bought from Straid of Olaphis (Max of 3)

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