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Rusted Coin is a type of consumable in Dark Souls 2.
rusted_coin.png "An old rusted coin. Crushing the coin temporarily boosts luck.
This rusted coin gives you that little extra bit of luck, making items and the like easier to find.
The coin is engraved with the image of a god that was worshipped in ancient times, but no one knows its true origin."


  • Using this item increases luck and item discovery calculation by 100 points in addition to base 150 - for 5 minutes.
  • Will also increase the chances of gaining a rarer item from Dyna and Tillo
  • These effects do not stack if more than one is used at a time.
  • Effects persist after quitting to the menu and returning to your character.
  • it should be noted that when used near an enemy you can see a particle effect


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