Soul Appease

Spell Type
Spell Uses
Slots Used
19 Faith
"One of the lost miracles preserved only in the Undead Crypt. Inflicts heavy damage on mindless Hollows, but has no effect on anything else.

The Undead Crypt is a place of rest for the living. Those afflicted by the curse can only pray to one day gain entrance."
Acquired From
Sold by Stone Trader Chloanne.
Sold by Grave Warden Agdayne.
Medium range AoE centered on self, approximately lock-on range or slightly less.
Useful for clearing out some of the groups of basic undead, such as the small mummies around Straid's cell, and the non-crawling Congregation members in the Wandering Magus boss fight, mages and underwater hollows in Shrine of Amana. Also does very high damage against players that are undead, but none against players that are human.

It's worth noting that this spell has an enormous range, much bigger than the animation suggests which can also hit through walls. Not only that but it also works on more than just humanoid hollows. (E.G. both Royal Rat Bosses and all their rats) If you're an invader and the host is hollow, you can also take full advantage of this spell to use as a PBAoE nuke. Invading with a +6 normal priest's chime, I could easily do over 600 to some hosts.

Does not work on the Archdrake Pilgrims in the Shrine of Amana.

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