Soul Greatsword

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Spell Uses
Slots Used
27 Intelligence
"A sorcery that attacks foes using a sword made of souls. Energy is focused in a single point, and wielded as a sword with both hands.
Use of this sorcery is not too dissimilar to swordplay, and so inherently endangers the caster."
Acquired From
Drangleic Castle. After reaching the central bonfire, head towards the elevator and climb the ladder on your right. Following the room with the stone soldiers, it will be located in one of the two chests.
Frontal AoE
-Creates a magic horizontal slash in the shape of a sword. Damage falls off at farther distances. Good for groups, but be wary of the windup.
-Ignores (goes through) barriers like walls and railings. Great for taking out an enemy who thinks he is safe.
-If the catalyst casting this spell is wielded in the left hand, the soul greatsword will swing from right to left, it is the opposite if wielded in the right hand.
-If you cast soul great-sword at the right time before a back-stab animation your character will keep the soul great-sword for the duration of the enemies back-stab and if it touches your enemy at all it will do massive damage. (untested) I speak purely from personal experience but it has happened to me several times. may explain why many people complain about this spells laggy and/or phantom hitbox

    • Testing29 Aug 2016 04:56  

      This spell has 360-degree* AoE. (I'm new to this wiki and not familiar with its editing policy but I wanted the information to be out ASAP.) <br/> <br/> (hits a wall) <br/> (hits another wall) <br/> (kills a mob) <br/> <br/>*The area where the sword starts is tricky. When it's initially created it seems to not do damage until it starts moving an instant later, but that initial area (around 4 o'clock relative to the character) is damaged by the very end of the 360-attack, right when the sword kind of drops down before it disappears. Everywhere else takes damage as usual, dealing more damage point-blank and less damage to targets near the edge of the blade. <br/> <br/>This spell does up to 979 damage on this mob at close range with 64 INT & Staff of Amana+10. It seems like the range of the sword is the same in all directions, however because the character steps forwards during the animation, the forward range FEELS a little longer than usual and the backwards range FEELS a little shorter than usual. <br/> <br/> <br/>I hope this helps clear up some information or further discussion about sorceries. :)

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