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Soul Vessel is a special type of consumable in Dark Souls 2, used to re-spec your stats.
soul_vessel.png A vessel that will accept your souls.
It can allow reallocation of levels, but without proper assistance, it may simply drain you of souls.
If you truly wish to start again, go to the place where your journey began.


  • Give to Strowen in Things Betwixt and you will have the option to redistribute your Soul Level points.
  • This item is a Consumable and thus one-time use.
  • Does not allow the reallocation of base class stats. Only the points that the player has themselves allocated can be reallocated.
  • No souls will be lost by using this item, but you cannot gain souls or lower your Soul Level by saving Soul Level Points.


  • 1 can be obtained from Crestfallen Saulden after you bring 4 people to Majula.
  • 1 could be found in the special chest in Majula's Mansion prior to patch 2.24. (Can still be found there in SOTFS)
  • 2 can be found in an iron chest Drangleic Castle past the Central Castle Drangleic bonfire after activating the elevator and in the area with the imprisoned Milfanto.
  • 1 can be found in a wooden chest in Lost Bastile behind a Pharros' Door. Note that if the chest is destroyed, you will only get rubbish.
  • 1 can be found in on a corpse in Memory of Orro on the lowest level.
  • 1 can be found in a wooden chest in Undead Crypt fall to a platform in the room with the lowerable bridge.
  • 1 can be found in an iron chest in Dragon's Sanctum.
  • 2 can be found in an iron chest in Brume Tower behind a rather obvious illusionary wall, between the first and second bonfires
  • 1 can be found in Frozen Eleum Loyce in a frozen chest on a roof before the second bonfire.
  • The bonfire at The Place Unbeknownst can reset the Memories' items with the Bonfire Ascetic. The Memory of Orro, the memory after the Pursuer fog door, has a corpse with the Soul vessel but you will need to defeat the Giant Lord each time in order to use a Bonfire Ascetic.
  • An alternate method of farming is to burn a bonfire ascetic at the Exile Holding Cells bonfire in the Lost Bastille. It resets the chest with the soul vessel and there is no area boss that needs to be beaten every time. It's considerably easier than farming soul vessels in the giant memories.

    • Anonymous

      13 Aug 2017 23:56  

      The Alternate method doesn't seem to work in SOTFS, I've killed the Ruin Sentinels, and even killed the Pursuer Knight near the bonfire as well and it still says to kill the master of this quarter...

      • Anonymous

        29 Mar 2017 01:35  

        i have lost my health bar and stamina stats a soul vessel, but my stats say that I should have a higher health bar. I am at level 136 I walked through a pool of corrossive and now this happened

        • Anonymous

          Exile holding cells.15 Sep 2016 17:33  

          Actually there is an area boss for this section. Ive tried the bonfire ascetic and it tells me to defeat area boss

          • EDIT29 Aug 2016 11:00  

            Bruh, Where is says &quot;1 can be found in a wooden chest in Majula behind a Pharros' Door. Note that if the chest is destroyed, you will only get rubbish.&quot;<br /><br/>it means in Lost Bastille, after Servants Quarters

            • Request for edit29 Aug 2016 11:00  

              There are several new locations for souls vessels in the DLC. Can you unlock this page? I would like to make ascetics, vessels and spices pages as complete as possible as these are some of the most important items in the game.

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