The Boxing Dandy

"Let's fight, like Gentlemen"

Starting Class: Bandit
Because only Gutter Trash can comprehend what it means to be a true gentleman

Vigor: 30
Because a valiant Boxer knows never to back down until the final bell tolls

Endurance: 20
Because a smart Boxer knows where to expend his strength

Vitality: 30
Because the belt of a champion is a heavy one indeed

Attunement: 02
Because we were raised to solve problems with our fists, not simple parlor tricks

Dexterity: 40
So that our bodies can float like butterflies

Strength: 40
So that our fists can sting like bees

Faith: 08
So that we can believe in ourselves in the godless land

Intelligence: 03
So that Straid will talk to us

Adaptability: 30

Final Level: 150

Specialized Weaponry
  • Punchy (Caestus +10)
  • Fisty (Caestus +10)
Any other variation of enchanted Caestus will do, but having at least two at +10 is recommended because it will maximize your damage input as far as standard damage is concerned

Example Armor Sets
"Andre Felipe Felipe recommends"

The Butterfly King
"It's time to oil up"
  • Head: King's Crown
  • Body: Moon Butterfly Wings
  • Arms: Havel's Gauntlets
  • Legs: Moon Butterfly Skirt

Who Needs a Shirt?
"Gaze upon my fabulous body and well groomed mustache!"
  • Head: None
  • Body: None
  • Arms: Havel's Gauntlets
  • Legs: Havel's Leggings

The King of the Ring
"I just really want some defense okay?"
  • Head: Kings Crown
  • Body: Faraam Armor
  • Arms: Havel's Gauntlets
  • Legs: Imperious Leggings

Recommended Rings
  • Chloranthy Ring
  • Ring of Steel Protection
  • Ring of Blades
  • Stone Ring

Optional Equipment for PvE
  • A Bow for those situations that you can't punch your way through (I used a Dragonrider Bow because of its scaling)
  • Firebombs or similar grenade type equipment for when you need to blow stuff up
  • A 100% Damage Reduction Great Shield for really sticky situations
  • A Pyromancy Flame and Southern Ritual Band for those situations where you need utility pyromancies
  • A Catalyst and a whole ton of spices if you want to use utility sorceries or miracles

    • Anonymous

      25 Jan 2018 02:14  

      But you must understand, true Gentlemen fight with their bare fists! Those handlebar mustaches have to be punched into shape with care! Surely no caestus will keep the handlebar tidy.

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