Warlock Mask is an Attire or Armor in Dark Souls 2.

Warlock Mask.png

Warlock Mask

Stats Total
icon-physicaldef.png 52 icon-poisedef.png 4
icon-strikedef.png 59 icon-poisonres.png 38
icon-slashdef.png 48 icon-bleedres.png 38
icon-thrustdef.png 48 icon-petrifyres.png 47
icon-magicdef.png 72 icon-curseres.png 120
icon-firedef.png 33  
icon-lightningdef.png 48 icon-durabilitiy.png 50
icon-darkdef.png 72 icon_weight.png 4.8
Requirements & Bonus
icon-strength_22.png icon-dexterity_22.png icon-intelligence_22.png icon-faith_22.png icon-physicaldefbonus_green.png
14 E
Armor Type  

"Strange mask worn by Aldia warlocks. Grants dark defense, and increased soul acquisition.
Warlocks in Aldia gave rise to wicked things, and even forbidden rituals upon themselves. No one knows if they were born mad, or if their own misdeeds drove them over the edge.
Effect: Increases number of Souls acquired"


  • Dropped by NPC invader Merciless Roenna in Huntsman's Copse (rare).
  • Dropped by Aldia Warlock in Shrine of Amana (rare), found behind the doors above Rise of the Dead bonfire (only hollows can pass). [No Warlock there in SotFS]
  • Dropped by Aldia Warlock in Aldia's Keep (in a storage locked with Aldia Key).
  • [Scholar of the First Sin] Dropped by petrified Lion Warrior in Shaded Woods, the one farthest from Shaded Ruins bonfire.
  • [Scholar of the First Sin] Dropped by regular Lion Warriors (rare) in the same area. (Confirmed in NG+) (Confirmed in NG on Xbox One)



  • Upgraded with regular Titanite.
  • Offers the highest magic & dark defense and petrification resistance, as well as second highest lightning defense and curse resistance (not counting the two helms that negate curse completely).
  • Requires 14 INT.
  • Grants +2 to INT.
  • Increases soul income by 2.5%.
  • This mask is worn by Prowling Magus.

Piece Information & Upgrades

First row = Regular. Second row = +10

Name & Icon icon-physicaldef.png icon-strikedef.png icon-slashdef.png icon-thrustdef.png icon-magicdef.png icon-firedef.png icon-lightningdef.png icon-darkdef.png icon-poisonres.png icon-bleedres.png icon-petrifyres.png icon-curseres.png
Warlock Mask icon-physicaldefbonus_green.png E icon-poisedef.png 4 icon_weight.png 4.8 icon-durabilitiy.png 50
Warlock Mask.png
26 30 24 24 36 17 24 36 19 19 24 60
52 59 48 48 72 33 48 72 38 38 47 120

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