Wrath of the Gods

Spell Type
Spell Uses
Slots Used
30 Faith
"Miracle that releases local shockwave, staggering nearby foes and causing heavy damage.

Little is known about the origins of this miracle, except its shared roots with the Force spell. It makes mention of certain Gods, but alas, their actual names are long forgotten."
Acquired From
Achieving rank #2 of the Blue Sentinels
Also sold by Chancellor Wellager (the ghost in Drangleic Castle) in NG++. (Bonfire Ascetics don't work.)
Short Range, Damaging AOE
With less than 43 ATN you only get 1 cast. A second cast is added at 43 ATN, and a third cast is added at 99 ATN.
The damage from this spell is Lightning.
Can be used as a wake-up after the opponent has been back stabbed, riposted or knocked flat. In general, it is very hard to use this offensively as the opponent can simply evade it by using roll i-frames or simply rolling out of range. Best used in skirmishes and in areas with narrow corridors or obstructions.
If you are attempting to use it in PvP situations, I've found the most effective way to use it is to bait your opponent by running off as if you were about to heal with a miracle. They will run up without their shield raised and if you get your timing right they'll be blasted for full damage.

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