Abbess Feeva

Abbess Feeva is a summonable NPC in Dark Souls 2
  • She wears the Saint's Hood, Saint's Dress, Priestess Gloves, and Priestess Skirt
  • She wields the Chime of Want but starts off being unequipped until she enters a boss area, or when she sees a threat

  • Her load out suggest that she is a pure cleric, but with a fairly large HP pool and can still use (apparently) 6 Estus Flasks
  • She has Sacred Oath and Bountiful Sunlight where she uses Scared Oath once you encounter an enemy, but she CAN RUN OUT OF THESE CASTS
  • She has lightning spears and Binding Bolt but they do not do much damage
  • Tip: Since she only has limited Sacred Oath and Bountiful Sunlight, in the Frigid Outskirts she could run out of these if your party takes too long against the frigid reindeer so either try not to take so much damage or send her home once you reach the boss door since she might have only offensive spells left and cannot heal herself in any way anymore and will die quickly to Lud and Zallen




Dragon Sanctum, alongside Transcendent Edde
Around the bonfire, nearer to the mist door to Trancendent Edde's
Frigid Outskirts, alongside Head of Vengarl and (SotFS) Manhunter O'Harrah
In the summoning area

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