Attribute governing defense and agility. Boosts poison resist and bleed resist.
  • Raises poison bonus
  • Raises poison, bleed, petrify, curse resistance
  • Raises Agility
  • Raises Poise
  • Slightly increases HP for each point: +2 HP (0-20), +1 HP (21-50), +0 HP (51-99)
  • The soft cap for adaptability appears to be at 39.
  • Using healing items becomes faster (This only applies to Lifegem, Estus Flask, and Divine Blessing)
  • Shield raising speed increases slightly (Needs to be further tested)
  • The Bandit begins with the lowest Adaptability at 3 and the Explorer starts with the highest Adaptability at 12.
  • Adaptability 3-10 gives 2 points of Agility, 10-20 gives 7 points, 20-30 gives 8 points, 30-40 is 7 points, 40-99 is 7 points.
    • Agility reaches its softcap at 110, regardless of how much is gained from attunement or adaptability. The numbers shown are for investment in agility before this specific number is met. See our Stat Calculators page for an agility calculator.
  • Raising adaptability yields a greater number of invincibility frames during a roll, but does not actually change the animation. Video on the subject

    • Anonymous

      22 Nov 2019 04:03  

      Oh, I had no idea ADP increased I-frames. I've just been doing all my dodging with 5 ADP and somehow surviving. This would probably make farming the rotten a lot easier though.

      • Anonymous

        15 May 2019 01:04  

        This stat is so stupid, I shouldn't need to be forced to level a stat because it's completely necessary to my success.

        • Anonymous

          07 Mar 2019 04:03  

          Thank goodness for this info, I’ve been doing a rapier dex build and I didn’t know what this stat did and raged about how broken rolling was was confused why I seemed to perfectly dodge and still get hit and now I understand why I was, only having 5 ADP.

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