Attribute governing defense and agility. Boosts poison resist and bleed resist.
  • Raises poison bonus
  • Raises poison, bleed, petrify, curse resistance
  • Raises Agility
  • Raises Poise
  • Slightly increases HP for each point: +2 HP (0-20), +1 HP (21-50), +0 HP (51-99)
  • The soft cap for adaptability appears to be at 39.
  • Using healing items becomes faster (This only applies to Lifegem, Estus Flask, and Divine Blessing)
  • Shield raising speed increases slightly (Needs to be further tested)
  • The Bandit begins with the lowest Adaptability at 3 and the Explorer starts with the highest Adaptability at 12.
  • Adaptability 3-10 gives 2 points of Agility, 10-20 gives 7 points, 20-30 gives 8 points, 30-40 is 7 points, 40-99 is 7 points.
    • Agility reaches its softcap at 110, regardless of how much is gained from attunement or adaptability. The numbers shown are for investment in agility before this specific number is met. See our Stat Calculators page for an agility calculator.
  • Raising adaptability yields a greater number of invincibility frames during a roll, but does not actually change the animation. Video on the subject

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    • Anonymous

      10 Jun 2021 17:06  

      Everyone here is complaining about hitboxes. I mean, I've seen other being grabbed by Aava from a 2 meter distance and it looked awful, but I never encountered problems as much as the other players claim to have. I play Sotfs though, so maybe all the complaints come from the original DSII.

      I mean, the timing on e.g. Dragonrider is incredibly strict, but that's not a hitbox problem. And I'd take that 10 times over DSIII Abyss Watchers second phase where there's a second fire hitbox after every hit. Don't get me wrong, I love Abyss Watchers, but the late fire hitboxes aren't exactly fun.

      • Anonymous

        02 May 2021 17:11  

        In all honesty, ADP has got to be the worst decision made in creating Dark Souls 2. No stat should ever be required in every single build, that takes away the build crafting of RPGs. Some people could argue that health and stamina is required, but they aren’t. If you can dodge through attacks you don’t need a lot health and if you don’t spam attacks and roll only when needed you don’t need a lot of stamina. ADP governs so much that it makes it a necessary stat for virtually any logical build in both PvP and PvE.

        You could say that the immense amount of souls you get off sets the required ADP levels, but at that point, why even have ADP to begin with?

        • Anonymous

          16 Apr 2021 22:57  

          Same like the other fellas, I did not know that this was necessary to improve the iframes and the roll, I finished the game with what they give you to start with. But its great vs the Fume Knight.

          • 19 Mar 2021 11:54  

            This feels like such an unnecessary stat point but people want to mask this as something that makes DS2 a “deeper RPG”. Estus drinking speed should be a universal mechanic and iFrames should be tied to your equip load. This and the running delay after depleting stamina are my only peeves of this game so far.

            • Anonymous

              14 Mar 2021 10:41  

              I've beaten the game several times without even leveling up this stat. If you have to rely so much on this stat to survive you should play Dark Souls 3. Otherwise, actually get good.

              • Anonymous

                16 Feb 2021 17:22  

                i didnt even read all the comments but all i see is i-frames this and i-frames that.... i guess u guys dont heal, right? I just picked up this game, started a mage, built 20 intelligence, 3 spell slots (found a great soul arrow somewhere) and 1100 hp, SL 37, ADAPTABILITY 4!!! old dragonslayer takes some hits, starts pounding me, when i try to heal i die, it takes 3 seconds to drink the flask, he gets to me in 2, or even 3 (the heal is gradative so i get killed anyway).... bosses on lost bastille are doing exatly the same .... gonna try the grave of saints boss right now but i think the result will be the same.
                After many tries on those 2 i finally remembered there was a stat called adaptability, described as agility by the in game interface (with no further explanation) and i had to check the wiki cause it isnt possible that the game wont let me heal on the bosses cause the heal is too slow.... ok ill build it up....
                .... but next complain is about no spells (or staves) coming up to scale with the enemies power.... mages suck so hard at the start

                • Anonymous

                  02 Feb 2021 02:52  

                  All the people complaining about adaptability being tied to iframes are the ones that went into the game dumping everything into strength and expecting to just roll through attacks like they would in Ds1.
                  Instead of complaining, learn from your mistakes... I.e.. adapt.

                  • Anonymous

                    09 Jan 2021 23:30  

                    If you want to roll with the same iframes as ds1, level this up to 30. If you don't want to level this extremely important stat, use a shield.

                    Btw of all stats in dark souls 1, 2 and 3, i think this one has the most sense to upgrade as you progress. Starting classes like warrior, mercenary, assasin, etc. Habe solid reasons to be experienced in combat, but outside of that it doesn't make sense that your starting character can dodge enemies perfectly from the get-go, without experience against monsters or giant enemies. Adaptability and it's effects when leveled up shows that your character's experience in battle also matters, not only the player with the controller's experience.

                    • Anonymous

                      01 Nov 2020 00:33  

                      They could at least have told me that I needed to level a stat to get i-frames! I played the game blind so I had no idea why roll timing was so precise

                      • Anonymous

                        25 Aug 2020 05:37  

                        The way I see it, Adaptability essentially replaced Resistance, which was a near-useless dump stat in DS1. Having I-frames linked to stats is an interesting that I don't necessarily hate. Still, I wish low Adaptability characters would at least have a decent roll so this wouldn't be a "must have" stat.

                        • Anonymous

                          29 Jun 2020 20:43  

                          See this stat is like a microcosm of DS2. It is a really cool idea to have a stat that governs stuff that doesn’t directly relate to taking/dealing damage but instead to critically important stuff like frame data and animations, so even those things don’t have to be at the whim of the developers and can be player controlled: it’s another place where you can make stat investment if you care about it, or save those points for something else. It goes with the whole part of DS where you’re sort of designing a beat em up/fighting game character, and instead of just health, stamina, and damage, you can decide some of their frames too. It’s just... not that fun or satisfying to level from a certain perspective, and basically required for PVP. This whole game has such a mix of cool ideas and execution with just weirdness and unsatisfying stuff.

                          • Anonymous

                            22 Nov 2019 04:03  

                            Oh, I had no idea ADP increased I-frames. I've just been doing all my dodging with 5 ADP and somehow surviving. This would probably make farming the rotten a lot easier though.

                            • Anonymous

                              15 May 2019 01:04  

                              This stat is so stupid, I shouldn't need to be forced to level a stat because it's completely necessary to my success.

                              • Anonymous

                                07 Mar 2019 04:03  

                                Thank goodness for this info, I’ve been doing a rapier dex build and I didn’t know what this stat did and raged about how broken rolling was was confused why I seemed to perfectly dodge and still get hit and now I understand why I was, only having 5 ADP.

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