Aldia, Scholar of the First Sin

HP 6,800 | 8,160 (NG+)
Weakness Slash, Lightning, Magic
Resistance Fire, Dark, Poison
Immune Bleed
Respawn NO

Aldia, Scholar of the First Sin is a boss in Dark Souls 2.


 Aldia, Scholar of the First Sin Information 

  • This boss was introduced to Dark Souls 2 in Patch 1.10. He is available in SOTFS version by default.
  • Benhart of Jugo can be summoned for this fight. His summon sign is located outside the fog gate.
  • The Head of Vengarl can be summoned for this fight, provided the player has defeated his body after fighting the Duke's Dear Freja. His summon sign is located outside the fog gate.
  • Bradley of the Old Guard can be summoned for this fight (SOTFS). His summon sign is located outside the fog gate.



  • When this boss is accessible, he may be encountered in the Throne of Want.
  • In order to make this boss accessible, his dialogue must be exhausted at all three places he appears.

    He will show up in the following locations:
    1. When trying to light the fourth and final Primal Bonfire. Primal Bonfires may be activated in any order.
    2. At the Undead Crypt Entrance bonfire.
    3. At the Dragon Shrine Entrance bonfire.

    You should accomplish this through normal gameplay, unless you skipped lighting the bonfires.
  • You must also defeat Nashandra, as well as the optional boss Vendrick.



  • Souls: NG (0), NG+ (0), NG++ 0), NG+3 (0), NG+4 (0), NG+6 (0), NG+7 (0)
  • Though considered a boss, Aldia does not drop either souls or a Boss Soul when defeated.


Combat Information

  • Health Information
  • NG (6800), NG+ (8160), NG++ (9792), NG+3 (11424), NG+4 (??), NG+5 (??), NG+6 (??), NG+7 (??)



Attack Name Attack Description
Charged Large Fireball Aldia starts charging a large fireball dealing huge amount of fire and dark damages, and the flames surrounding him go out. Melee characters should be wary as the fireball will still track you regardless whether you are behind Aldia or not.
AOE Tentacle Aldia raises his arms/tentacles in the air and slams them into the ground. The tentacles resurface in a short area around him randomly.
Homing Tentacle Aldia raises his arms/tentacles in the air and slams them into the ground. The tentacles resurface in a straight line homing into the target. easily blocked with a shield.
Homing Fire Mass Aldia summons 3-5 fire/dark orbs above him which after a short period of time home in on a single target. Aldia can summon 3-5 more orbs after the first ones miss/hit the target.
AoE Blast When Aldia teleports, he will create a high damaging blast around him when appearing again on the arena (Much like Smelter demon AoE blast)
Fire/Unknown aura Aldia makes flames surround him in between attacks doing fire and an unknown type of damage. (1000 point fire resistant won't negate this (most likely Dark as with his other spells))



 Here is a playbook with helpful info on Aldia. He is about average difficulty overall, with some key things that are only learnable to people who have fought him. Aldia only has a few nuances that need to be noted, which I will explain below:

  1. Aldia tends to teleport. When he does, he may teleport on you, in which case you want to be standing about a foot outside of where the glow of his fire ends, as this marks the end of the AOE. This is a good way to give yourself time to hit him. 
  2. Aldia is only really vulnerable when he is not ignited with flame all around him.
  3. Aldia has a multi-shot homing fireball attack. It is advisable to sprint through this attack by juking the fireballs, but at a time when there is space, as the fireballs come in bursts of variable length.
  4. Aldia has an attack where he charges a fireball. To deal with this, wait for him to fire, and IMMEDIATELY sprint, then roll as it is about to explode on the ground. You should clear the attack nicely.
  5. Aldia has an attack where he summons a bunch of tentacles in a line. He telegraphs by pulling out a single tentacle and planting it in the ground. During this time, back up so you have room, and when the attack starts going, roll towards where the first two tentacles come out,. The tentacles have a maximum turning angle of about 45 degrees, so using that is helpful. It is also really helpful to run towards his right flank at about 90 degrees from the front of his face, so avoid the tentacles.
  6. Do NOT hit Aldia when he is surrounded by fire. This can cause damage to you, and he will absorb only about 25% of damage.

That's basically Aldia for you.


Melee strategy

Aldia has no attacks that must be rolled. When he does his Charged Fireball attack, you have around 5 safe seconds to deal dmg to him. Run away from the fireball and it should miss you. When he slams just one tentacle in the ground, the attack can be a really badly tracking tentacle attack, much like Fire Snake pyromancy. It can also be a little bit better tracking but otherwise same kind of attack that starts not from the tentacle that slams in the ground, but from any side of Aldia closest to you. Both can be evaded by running clockwise around Aldia when he is slamming the one tentacle. After this attack you have time to deal 1-3 swings at Aldia before the fire shield comes back up.
When he does homing fire mass, just run sideways to avoid the balls, or use a spell parry shield. When he does the AoE tentacle attack, look for opening after the second AoE effect is starting (red dots on the ground) and go deal some damage to Aldia. Every time Aldia has a fire shield on, use whip, spear or any other longer range weapon to deal damage. He does, however, take less damage then, much like any boss with a hyper armor.
Aldia has around 5 spawn points in the arena, one in the middle and 4 in the corners of the arena. Its recommended to run around the middle, and when Aldia starts to spawn run to him for couple free hits. If Aldia happens to spawn really close to you, run away so the AoE blast he creates when spawning doesn't hit you.

Video Strategy:

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  • Rebel's Greatshield with Dark infusion will make this fight almost trivial.
  • Can be poisoned. (With Dark Fog, took 3-4 casts but he got poisoned)
  • Some of his attacks drain his aura of fire, during this time he is vulnerable, press the attack and fall back when his fire starts emerging again.


  • Lord Aldia is King Vendrick's elder brother. He aided his brother in founding the kingdom of Drangleic, but he then secluded himself in his manor, searching for the secrets of life, viewing the Undead as the key to finding it. Through his experiments, Aldia sought to learn the nature of the undead curse, and to shed the yoke of fate.
  • Due to a dispute on the research of souls, or the research methods on how to end the Curse, Vendrick locked Aldia away in his keep. It was there that Aldia "kept Giants in his manor, and attempted to recreate a dragon, but after some time, was not heard from again".
  • With the release of Scholar of the First Sin, it is revealed that Aldia did not become the Ancient Dragon, but was transfigured into a blob-like creature that appears to be composed of fire, witchtree branches and a glowing red eye. He will appear to the player at the the last Primal Bonfire they reach, the entrance to the Undead Crypt and the Dragon Shrine. If spoken to in all of these locations he will become the final boss after defeating Nashandra at the Throne of Want.
  • His dialogue ranges from benign to going as far as to express outward rage at Gwyn, Lord of Cinder, who is referred to by Aldia as the "Lord of Light". The scholar describes how the old Lord of Sunlight expelled the darkness, and began the cycle of light and dark. This cycle, this curse, forced men to assume a fleeting form, reverting them back to their hollow form. They became less than what they were, and to Aldia, this is the first sin he has taken his name from. He claims that men are mere props, and that no matter how exquisite, a lie will remain a lie. The anger is audible in his voice at this point, an expression of his fury at the commitment of the first sin, the first linking of the flame.


  • Lord is the generic term for a person of peerage, the highest order of which is Duke. So, based on his relation to King Vendrick, we can surmise that Aldia is the Duke in Brightstone Cove, the one found after killing Freja, the giant spider.
  • Manscorpion Tark thanks you for killing his "master" when you kill the Duke's Dear Freja. So, the Duke is the one who created all man-beasts through his experimentation, which we know Aldia was involved in. The Lions "just seemed to crawl out of the earth one day". The Lion Warrior Set description states, "The Lion Clan are an offshoot race that have no ties to humans, and would murder anyone with the curious notion of approaching them." The Lion clansmen seem to despise their own looks, as they hate being seen. Why would they despise their own looks? Because they're abominations, and they know it. Tark himself doesn't seem to be loving life right now. So in that area we've got: 2 manscorpions, lion-men, a bird-lady, a curious dragonbone-infused basilisk, and more. The whole area seems to be Aldia's zoo, with the fog possibly trapping them within the place, not just keeping people out.
  • So Tark effectively tells us that the Duke created them. But, that alone does not really prove Aldia is the Duke But, there is another type of man-beast: the Mastodons. The Mastodon Halberd's description states, "Halberd of the Primal Knights that defend Drangleic castle. The brutish and might Primal Knights wield this halberd like a feather-light twig, but to the ordinary warrior it is a chore to even hold up, owing to its great weight. Terrible experiments were said to have taken place in a hidden manor in Drangleic. The mastermind presiding over the deeds was thought to be Lord Aldia." The Duke created the man-beasts. But, no one ever said the Duke wasn't Aldia. They both created man-beasts because they're the same person, hence all the overlapping information.
  • So, where does Aldia fit into the cycle of reincarnation and Eastern mythology? While Gwyn is supposedly the Old Iron King and not Vendrick, the latter is still the "Gwyn" of this world from a literary perspective, and From Software is known for this sort of thing. With that, we can see that Gwyn liked Seath, his right-hand man and most trusted confidant, and also the smartest being with an expressed interest in sorcery and unlocking the secrets sorcery held. Seath wanted immortality because he lacked them scale of immortality of his race. It is mentioned that Vendrick and Aldia, moreso, were working to unlock immortality. Aldia is also the right-hand man of Vendrick, if we discount his zealot guard, Velstadt, who is really only the right-hand man by name and rank. Aldia, on the other hand, is both the older brother and the man Vendrick was working with to "solve" the curse of the undead. Aldia is also the foremost authority on sorcery in the land, it would seem, thanks to his research.
  • So, from the "cycle" perspective, we can suppose that Aldia is Seath incarnate. Aldia disappeared. No one knows where he went or what he became. Some say he was destroyed by the Ancient Dragon he created, or became the dragon, but he was more likely drawn to Tseldora, with its giant crystals. The Duke was drawn in by his love of spiders, but perhaps it was moreso his love of one spider, and the thing that spider itself loved: crystals. It's unclear who or what the spider was, but it is possible that Freja is merely the other half of Seath's Soul, or something similar, hence Aldia's need to go there. So, Aldia followed some need to live in Tseldora, post-spider-invasion. What was it? Just outside his study, in the cave is the remains of an ancient dragon.
  • Finally, the man-beast of Vengarl's body is found in a room adjacent to the Duke's study. Vengarl's head, however, is found in the Shaded Woods, home to many other man-beasts. Vengarl "was like a mad beast on the battlefield."
  • Why did Aldia abandon his work in his keep? Maybe he realized he was going about it all wrong and sought out the primordial crystals in Tseldora. The Duke and/or Freja created man-beast hybrids. Aldia also is said to have created similar beasts. This is possible because they are one-and-the-same. Among other things, the presence of an ancient dragon just outside the Duke's quarters and very strong ties to Seath the Scaleless from Dark Souls help to support this theory.
  • So, Aldia was working on creating the Emerald Herald, but failed. Those "enhanced undead" lumbering behemoths in the Keep are not scorpion-things. Their tail is not a scorpion's tail. Look at the tail of the drakes in Dragon Aerie, and look at their horns. and look at this description: "This deformed, unnatural creature must surely be the product of some serious misdeeds. Who created this monstrosity, and is it what they intended to make? It almost seems to be half-dragon, but, whatever it is, it has a mind of a Hollow." These things are failed attempts at creating either dragons or creating the Herald, who was thought to be the key to solving the curse of the Undead. She was a failure, too. Maybe Aldia, disapointed, took off at that point, or maybe something else made him leave…
  • Then there is the Giant soul. Aldia was not a giant, nor did he need to be some towering warrior figure like Vendrick. We find a Giant Soul in the Ancient Dragon, making a good case for the idea that Aldia made this dragon with a Giant Soul. There it is, though. The Ancient Dragon gave Aldia what he wanted: the Ashen Mist Heart. It's easy to forget that Aldia himself did not want to cure the curse; that was Vendrick. Aldia tapered off on his own path, seeking immortality. Aldia claimed the Ashen Mist Heart and then went to Tseldora, to that petrified actual dragon corpse. Maybe he went hollow before he could get his soul. Or maybe he and Freja weren't so close after all, and she was keeping him from obtaining it. Or perhaps he was too in love with her to slay her. It seems that he never completed this task, whatever the reasons.
  • Some believe that the "master" Tark mentions is more specifically Freja, not the Duke. From this, combined with the fact that Freja has two heads, and the Duke "became something far from human," we can assume the Duke is Aldia, and that Aldia, in the same manner as Vendrick, separated himself from his soul but melded it with Freja. Thus, the Duke you kill is Aldia's husk, similar to Vendrick's husk.

Notes & Trivia



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    • He might not have the best fight, but the dude is arguably the big Chad winner of ds2.

      He does what no one else could and breaks free from the pointless cycle, gets to chill and do whatever he wants.

      He spectates us, gives us a fight for funsies without dying, and unlike anyone else he just let's us walk away and peace out if we don't to do the whole "rule again" thing, which might be the Canon ending based in the ds3 faram set description of defying deathike he did.

      Yea he did cause tons of pain and death but in dark souls that's like going grocery shopping.

      • Anonymous

        Where is his dialogues? Does the answers to his questions change anything? His dialog refers to people and events, why these references are not mentioned in the Trivia section?

        • Anonymous

          I'm glad I didn't have to fight Throne Watcher/Defender and Nashandra after dying to the stupid teleport AOE attack

          • Anonymous

            listening to this dude and vendricks themes after fully understanding souls lore after 9 years is both indescribably mind opening and sad, 6/10 boss gameplay wise and 10 lore wise, bonus points for him just living in your head as a voice forever if you pick his ending and his borderline game breaking boss weapons

            • Anonymous

              Quite like how Aldia is pretty much an omnipotent/omniscient being that just prods us out of curiosity. Unlike Gwyn and the gang where we put a dying pantheon to rest.

              Like Aldia figured the world out and isn't concerned about what it's successors is up to.

              • Anonymous

                Isn't there lore connections to Dark souls 3? How The princes of Lothric were students of Aldia? Or are we supposed to keep these bits of information separate from each other when approaching the story from the point of time at ds2?

                • Anonymous

                  If we beat Nashandra, then go kill Vendrick, does Aldia still appears when we go back to the throne of want ?

                  Or do we have to defeat Vendrick then Nashendra to make him appear ?

                  Thanks for your answers

                  • The fact the he's still talking to us after defeating him, might mean we didn't really kill him, which is why we got no souls after defeating him. Did he succeed in his quest for immortality ?

                    • Anonymous

                      Aldia drops nothing, no souls, items, keys a big fat puff of smoke after you kill him. Unless you enjoy fighting bosses just for fun with zero reward or your a completist I advise skipping the boss.

                      In DS2 Aldia is literally the only boss I would consider 100% optional since you gain nothing from defeating him.

                      • Anonymous

                        All the theory section has essentially been debunked with SotFS, I see. Should be edited.

                        Aldia is not Seath lol. Seath possessed the Duke, created Freja, the scorpion hybrids, and other abominations, and his soul is found at Freja’s domain. Aldia, furthermore, sought to break the cycle of Fire and Dark, to use and even combine them in an effort to unveil the true nature of existence, and mankind’s place in it, and potentially learn to mitigate or avoid the downsides of the undead “curse”. Aldia would hold no love at all for Seath, who he would view as complicit in Gwyn’s sins.

                        • Anonymous

                          So...where is Aldia's soul? Did he stash it in another vessel? Did it just dissipate into nothing? Was losing it required to exist outside the cycle?

                          • Anonymous

                            Idk why there's a whole section on Aldia being the Duke when this guy exists:

                            • Anonymous

                              If you killed Nashandra and Aldia didn't appear then go kill vendrick and use a bonfire ascetic on kings gate bonfire in drangleic castle and then when you kill watcher/defender and Nashandra again Aldia will appear you do Not need to go into the next NG cycle if you missed him.

                              • Anonymous

                                Aldia is definitely not the Duke of bright stone cove. It's literally the hollow guy with the rapier after Freja. Freja is likely the reincarnation of Seath as she drops his soul, though it could be the dead dragon, or the duke.

                                If Aldia was the Duke, then they would have just said Aldia, like they do everywhere else.

                                • Anonymous

                                  "In order to make this boss accessible, his dialogue must be exhausted at all three places he appears." Does it need to be in order?

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Honestly not as bad as people claim. Yea yea he doesn't drop **** yada yada like these 150k souls would make any kind of diffrence in the endgame maybe like max 4+ to some stat or 2 DLC armor sets for which DLC provides souls anyway. Great OST cool looks and def better than nashandra which is not an achievement but still a better final boss than her.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I just saw Vengarl's summon sign and I definitely did not kill his body this playthrough, so that is also incorrect.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Two bosses in a row but the second one drops nothing... yeah, "this is dark souls 2" frustrating even when the game finally ends. Now here am I... waiting for the end of this >endless< game credits[...]

                                        • Anonymous

                                          He doesn't seem to be weak against lightning. I tried weapons with fire and lightning and they hit him almost the same.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            What a pathetic and underwhelming final boss for a game full of pathetic and underwhelming bosses, that are themselves sometimes regular enemies with a boss meter or straight up Dark Souls 1 bosses, again.

                                            Most bosses in this game can stupidly be easily defeated with circle strafing, for him you literally stand still and shoot him until he dies and occasionally walk to the side to avoid an attack, embarrassment.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              I haven't battled him. It seems you're to supposed to defeat Vendrick BEFORE defeating Nashandra. We'll see in NG+ then.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Still cannot understand why people try to put DS2 out of the series, despite the deepest and darkest information about the world it reveals.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  I fought with this boss in my first playthrough by default without knowing we have to pass some requirements, but for my second character I don't know which part I missed and he didn't appear. I think I missed a bonfire which is weird :/

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    i feel as though the "theories" section should be removed. even considering it was written before SotFS, most of it is plainly incorrect and even confuses Aldia for a different character altogether. it simply isn't relevant.

                                                    sure is funny, though.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      i feel like all of those theories are completely wrong. the way it appears is that the entirety of ds2 is inside a shared dream world, all the ppl u meet and or fight are all victims of the dream tree in the starting cinematic. what happens is you go to the tree and then in the cinematic it puts you to sleep and pulls your mind into the shared dream world, this dream world is then a combination of places from all the victim's memories. the curse that vendrick and aldia are trying to break is the dream world itself not the undead curse, that curse is a part of the dream world, a mechanism designed to trick and distract the victims so that they dont try to break oout of the dream world and wake up. the problem is that most of the ppl in ds2 are already long dead, you can see the skeletons in the opening cinematic as well. the reason aldia is a cluster of flaming roots is because he merged his soul with that of the spirit of the dream tree itself, THATS the real curse hes talking about, he learned that his and vendricks bodies are long dead and this is what send vendrick into dispair and made him go hollow while making adia seethe with rage learning that his real body is dead and that he can no longer escape unless he dies, but because he merged with the tree the only way he can die is if the tree itself dies and the dream world is destroyed.

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        Will I still be able to get the ending boss fight with him if I don't do the steps in order? I managed to make it to the Undead Crypt bonfire before clearing all 4 primal bonfires and he didn't show up like he does in a normal playthrough.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          It should be edited, you can fight Aldia when you kill Nashandra AFTER killing Vendrick. If you kill Nashandra first and then Vendrick, you have to use Bonfire Ascetic to kill Nashandra again and after that Aldia will show up.

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