The Alonne Captains are similar to their subordinates, except they are clad in heavier armor and are physically larger. Using larger, lightning-enchanted Katanas (upon closer inspection the sword more resembles the Ivory King Ultra Greatsword) and the same greatbows as the Knights at their command, Alonne Captains are much more dangerous foes since they tend to go for quickdraw to strike within a split second, though they share the same vulnerabilities. Periodically, when a player gets inside a Captain's natural sword range, the Captain may use unarmed strikes to stun or disrupt the player.

Some Alonne Captains do not carry greatbows (especially Red Phantom version seen at higher bonfire intensity), they'll actively pursue the player and utilize quickdraws, a minor trivia, their shoulder paldron loosely resemble Nineball from the original Armored Core, the red unmaned AC in From Software's early title, this can be seen when Alonne Captains are coated with Red Phantom aura at higher bonfire intensity.

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