A Hollow that lived in an aquatic environment for an extended period of time and eventually adapted to its surroundings by mutating into its present form. These creatures prowl the shallow waters of the Shrine of Amana, perpetually searching for sources of fresh Souls.1

A strange, hollowed, rat-like enemy found in the Shrine of Amana who spend their time sitting in the water listening to the singing of the Milfanito sisters. Moves very quickly in the water, is very hard to locate without locking-on, and will aggressively attack players using a torch. They tend to be located near other Amana Aberrations or the casters in the area. They can inflict cursing and bleeding damage so its best to fight from range or block while in the water.

They are docile while the Milfanito is singing, evident by the fireflies surrounding them. This can be used to locate and snipe them from afar.

Possibly created from some twisted experiment in Aldia's keep, as they possess features of both Basilisks and normal hollows.

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