Hello everyone and welcome to my build page.

You are here because you want to run a strong Glass Cannon who wrecks bosses and kills players in 1-5 shots depending on the magic used. You can roll through most attacks but will sometimes need a shield to block some attacks. Take note that this build is fragile [read: Glass Cannon] and most bosses will only need 1-2 shots to kill you.
This build was made based on my own understanding of the game, stats, mechanics and whatever made sense at the time. In my estimate, I can say that the build was finished 3/4 into the game, it was wrecking things 3/8 into the game with Dark Orb and Soul Spear. I will put an ADDITIONAL NOTES section for a brief detail on how to start with this build (If you are already comfortable with Dark Souls II, you can skip this)
Lastly, this build is viable for both PvE and PvP
Let's get on with it:

Sorcerer & Whatever you want. I personally went for Petrified Something in the hopes of getting a Channeler's Trident.


Vigor - 20
Endurance - 10
Vitality - 5
Attunement - 40
Strength - 10
Dexterity - 8
Adaptability - 8
Intelligence - 60
Faith - 40

You can take out 15 points from Vigor and put it in Faith for more damage but that will turn into a sure 1-hit KO from bosses. In my opinion, this current setup is the most viable one.
You can also take out 2 points from Vigor and put it in Faith to access higher miracles.
I ran with 5 Vigor for the longest time, about 1/2 of the game until I realized that it's a handicap I don't want. Pump stats here when you feel like you need it.

EQUIPMENT >50% but <70%
Hexer's Hood -The Hexer's Hood is vital for having the maximum amount of Casts. Other pieces can be Fashion Souls.
Chaos Hood - Mainly used for pvp or the faster cast.
Hexer's Robes - Optional, pick whatever looks good to you. It went well with the hood so, why not?
Lion Mage Cuffs - Not worth upgrading, you will still be 1-2 shot. Vital for Cast Speed
+10 Faraam Boots - This will be your main defensive armor. Optional, can be replaced with what you want.

I never bothered upgraded the light stuff as it made no noticeable difference.

+5 Dark Sunset Staff - Your bread and butter. Used to cast your main hex for clean up.
+5 Magic Staff of Wisdom - Your Glass Cannon. Used only for bosses, big enemies that need stronger spells or just when you want to wreck pvp.
+10 Fire/Magic/Dark/Lightning Longswords - I had all of them to +10 just because I can. I usually wear the Fire Longsword so that I have at least 3 damage types. You will rarely use this but it his handy to have in certain situations.
OPTIONAL - Chime for firing Lightning miracles. Pyromancy Hand for pyromancies, I have a +10 regular hand.

Large Leather Shield - Upgrade it to whatever level you want. I kept mine at 3. Use this to block attacks you can't roll through, has good stability and defense for the stats that it's asking for.
Binoculars - Used for sniping.

Ring of Knowledge - This is a given, you want your spells to hit hard.
Ring of Prayer - Optional. Raises your more than enough Hex damage.
Clear Bluestone Ring +0~2 - REQUIRED. Your spells hit hard, launch them faster.
Rings are mostly what you want to wear.

PVE SETUP (Works in PvP too)
3x Dark Orb - 78 Casts this is your bread and butter hex. It can 1-2 shot most enemies.
2x Soul Spear - 8 Casts. Secondary Nuke spell. Takes 2-3 direct hits on most people before they fall.
1x Soul Geyser - 2 Casts. Primary Nuke Spell. 1 hit from this and most enemies are down. Don't forge to use 4 SImpleton's Spice to get the requirement down to 60.
1x Extra Slot for Variety - I usually just equip another Soul Geyser. With the Stat allocation, you can use Lightning Spears as well.

Specialized PVP SETUP
1-2x Dark Orb - 24-48 Casts. Fast attack spell.
1x Dark Hail - 11 Casts. Quick cast and cone shaped attack is a good combo with Affinity.
1x Affinity - 11 Casts. Nuker Spell, not a lot of people can dodge this. Normally, this is all it takes to take an opponent down.
1x Great Magic Barrier - 1 Cast. You know how strong spells are. Don't be a victim to your own style.
My fights usually last 10-30 seconds with this setup. This combo usually kills them: Cast Affinity, run towards the enemy and stop short and cast Dark Hail. Rinse and repeat, if you think you can't beat them with this, mix in Dark Orb, since you have a lot of that.

You will start as a Sorcerer and you are very weak. Go through Things Betwixt as fast as you can and head straight for the Forest of the Fallen Giants. Carefully make your way to the Cardinal Tower and save in the Bonfire. Backtrack a little bit to get the Fire Longsword, this will be your main weapon for quite some time while you're building your INT stat. If you have the pre-order DLC, drop the sorcerer staff and use the Transgressor's instead. I upgraded it to +8 which was a mistake. Upgrade your Fire Longsword everytime you can for now.
Invest some points in Faith so that when you reach Felkin he'll be friendly. Buy Dark Orb from him, this will be your main hex. If you have explored a bit, you'll have enough Twinkling Titanites to upgrade the Sunset Staff that he will give you. You'll also receive his set and you're basically good to go.

Just be careful, you are fragile and there are talk of unsavory bandits preying on people like you.

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