Antiquated Key

Antiquated Key

This key is very old, but in very good condition, such that it should still function.
Only, what lock does this key fit?"

Antiquated Key is a Key item in Dark Souls 2.




  • Opens the wooden door in the boarded off room in the first courtyard in The Lost Bastille.
    • This key alows you to skip the Ruin Sentinels boss and go straight to the Sinners' Rise. It is necessary to go through No Man's Wharf first, however, which arguably takes more time than going straight through The Lost Bastille.
    • Collecting this key will cause the Pursuer to spawn just before the entrance to the boarded off room.



  • Ps3/360/Dx9 version. Located near the Tower Apart bonfire in The Lost Bastille. Head straight and go left over the crumbling stone and into the doorway on your left. Go down the ladder and open the door and head out onto the landing (be careful of the hole on the right). The key is in the chest located at the back right of the landing along with a Covetous Silver Serpent Ring.
  • Ps4/X1/Dx11 version. Located in the chest near Lucatiel of Mirrah.
    • You get to the Tower Apart by interacting with the bird's nest after defeating the Pursuer in Forest of Fallen Giants.
    • The Tower Apart area can also be accessed from the main Lost Bastille area (when entered from No-man's Wharf), this allows you to also skip the Pursuer boss fight. To open the tower door (the same tower you meet Lucatiel in) you need to throw a firebomb at it to blow up the crates that blocks it on the other side. You will however not gain access to the Tower Apart bonfire by taking this route, but that bonfire is not needed once the other tower door is opened. There's also a Radiant Lifegem and a Titanite Shard you can't reach from this side.
    • You may also skip the locked tower door by climbing up the ladder outside of the tower, falling out of the window onto the ledge underneath and to the left, and then rolling across the small gap to the other side of the door.


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