Armourer Dennis

Armorer Dennis is a Red Phantom Invader. Only available in the Scholar of the First Sin edition for Xbox One, PS-4 and DX11.



Forest of Fallen Giants Spawns in the room containing the Resting Giant (Giant Tree) next to the Soldier's Rest Bonfire room
Iron Keep Spawns to left of the Iron Keep 'main' door. Will invade after resting at any bonfire once Fencer Sharron has invaded.






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    • Anonymous

      22 Jan 2021 15:16  

      The secret to defeat this guy is simple: keep an eye on the distance, it determines his next move

      1 - If you are very close range: he will atack you melee, so you can backstep and atk or roll and atk
      2 - Medium distance: He will keep his guard on, depending of your next action he will dodge and melee or dodge and cast a spell. You can try to pressure an atack or guard break
      3 - Large distance: Prepare to dodge becouse he will use magic atack

      (sorry english is not my native language, hope this helps)

      • Anonymous

        02 Dec 2020 15:53  

        This dude is spawn-killing me. I do about one sixteenth of his health per hit, he does half of mine. Factor in all of the hollows and turtle dudes and you get - bullshit.

        • Anonymous

          25 Nov 2020 18:14  

          FOR SPELL CASTERS: kill the halberd and the axe guy before you leave the bonfire, Run left to the staircase and hit him 3 or so times with a spell before he reaches the staircase. run underneath it then Precast your spell as he walks around to attack you so he cant spell spam, sometimes his Soul greatsword will 1shot you through the staircase, just keep trying

          • Anonymous

            23 Jul 2020 16:09  

            Simple tactic for those that have trouble (still): guard break him when he's holding up his shield, he keeps it up for ages so no need to rush, if he takes his shield down and walks towards you thats when you let zin attack to parry him, every other attacl you just dodge rolle through- its a cake walk once figured out :)

            • Anonymous

              23 Mar 2020 08:07  

              Jest went back through the hall where skeletons had waken up, went up the ladder and stroke him with 20 arrows as he was not willing to go up the ladder (actually he did, but slow enough to be killed)

              • Anonymous

                25 Feb 2020 14:29  

                Kicking him off the ladder wasn't working well for some reason, but the next best thing took him out easily. Just drop down the hole on the roof where the turtles are and let him come down the ladder after you. You can easily get a few solid hits in before he gets down, and a few more as he turns to face you. Then just run out of the building, back up the ladder, and do it again. He shouldn't even be able to hit you.

                • Anonymous

                  23 Feb 2020 07:47  

                  I found a very good technique to beat him in Forest of Fallen Giants with a melee build: first, you need to clear the area - kill all four turtles and the soldiers. Then provoke Dennis to spawn and run away to the building where the three turtles used to be in. Climb up the side ladders (the ones outside of the building), and when he starts to climb up, give him a few hits two-handed. As he's climbing or just risen to the top of the building, these will slightly stagger him and make him fall off the building. If you have a weapon that's even slightly decent, you'll make enough damage so that he'll die in one to three falls, and you're left without a scratch. In case he does manage to hurt you, you'll have ample time to drink some estus when he's fallen or climbing. Super-easy, voila!

                  • Anonymous

                    08 Feb 2020 05:39  

                    You can grab and use the giant seed from the tree where he spawns and dennis can take damage from the other enemies in the area. Sorry its so late, just now got around to getting this game lol

                    • Anonymous

                      30 Aug 2019 13:57  

                      easiest invader for me, i even managed to roll catch him with lost sinner sword, and it sucks for roll catches.

                      • Anonymous

                        27 Apr 2019 16:27  

                        Just two hand wield a mace (the one you get Form the Majula forge is just fine) and spam him. Once you're getting low or he gains the upper hand, run to the opposite room (Bonfire or the one where the Giant rests, whichever one is farthest) and heal up. Do this once or twice and Rip Dennis.

                        • Anonymous

                          25 Apr 2019 00:31  

                          I literally thought this was an actual player and kept gesturing that I give up and to stop invading me lol. Finally beat his ass

                          • Anonymous

                            08 Mar 2019 20:27  

                            Beat him as a sorc after about 15 tries and fully hollowed to with 50% health. Trick is to use walls around the courtyard and the fenced alcoves in the middle of the bridge. If you stand so that you can just get your spells past, then your spells will hit and his will hit the wall. A spell with pushback means you can hit him several times before he closes the distance. You can dodge his spells if you dodge diagonally or sideways just as the spell leaves his hand. Similarly dodging diagonally backward makes him miss his melee combo.

                            • Anonymous

                              02 Oct 2018 01:52  

                              When he invades run through the building and round past the first turtle dude jump past his swing there will be a hallow there as well avoid his attack, now try to wait for a second until the other turtle dudes fall down then run for the ladders then make ur way up to the roof the npc will follow you so run to the hole in the roof,when he comes for u go halfway down the ladders and wait for him to come down then start punching him until he falls of then climb up again he will follow u up when he does ,jump down then back up the ladders and repeat the process until he does.easy

                              • Anonymous

                                31 Jul 2018 15:51  

                                He’s horrible and will give ya a nice pounding but get him to fall off the cliff so he can’t slam his magic

                                • Anonymous

                                  30 Jul 2018 02:32  

                                  I thought he was a real player trolling me until I realized nobody can be that cruel. After the anal torture he inflicted on me I finally parryed him off the cliff. Fuck Armourer Dennis! Fuck him in his Armourer Asshole!

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