Armourer Dennis

Armorer Dennis is a Red Phantom Invader. Only available in the Scholar of the First Sin edition for Xbox One, PS-4 and DX11.



Forest of Fallen Giants Spawns in the room containing the Resting Giant (Giant Tree) next to the Soldier's Rest Bonfire room
Iron Keep Spawns to left of the Iron Keep 'main' door. Will invade after resting at any bonfire once Fencer Sharron has invaded.






    • Anonymous

      27 Apr 2019 22:27  

      Just two hand wield a mace (the one you get Form the Majula forge is just fine) and spam him. Once you're getting low or he gains the upper hand, run to the opposite room (Bonfire or the one where the Giant rests, whichever one is farthest) and heal up. Do this once or twice and Rip Dennis.

      • Anonymous

        25 Apr 2019 06:31  

        I literally thought this was an actual player and kept gesturing that I give up and to stop invading me lol. Finally beat his ass

        • Anonymous

          09 Mar 2019 02:27  

          Beat him as a sorc after about 15 tries and fully hollowed to with 50% health. Trick is to use walls around the courtyard and the fenced alcoves in the middle of the bridge. If you stand so that you can just get your spells past, then your spells will hit and his will hit the wall. A spell with pushback means you can hit him several times before he closes the distance. You can dodge his spells if you dodge diagonally or sideways just as the spell leaves his hand. Similarly dodging diagonally backward makes him miss his melee combo.

          • Anonymous

            02 Oct 2018 07:52  

            When he invades run through the building and round past the first turtle dude jump past his swing there will be a hallow there as well avoid his attack, now try to wait for a second until the other turtle dudes fall down then run for the ladders then make ur way up to the roof the npc will follow you so run to the hole in the roof,when he comes for u go halfway down the ladders and wait for him to come down then start punching him until he falls of then climb up again he will follow u up when he does ,jump down then back up the ladders and repeat the process until he does.easy

            • Anonymous

              31 Jul 2018 21:51  

              He’s horrible and will give ya a nice pounding but get him to fall off the cliff so he can’t slam his magic

              • Anonymous

                30 Jul 2018 08:32  

                I thought he was a real player trolling me until I realized nobody can be that cruel. After the anal torture he inflicted on me I finally parryed him off the cliff. Fuck Armourer Dennis! Fuck him in his Armourer Asshole!

                • Anonymous

                  18 Jul 2018 13:50  

                  Best Tactic to Win against him is to Lure him to the Ladder in that Area, You should get rid of the Turtles first so they won't bother you as much.
                  After he climbed up, Hit him twice and drop down. When he goes down the Ladder Attack him from the Ladder so he will fall down and go up to repeat the whole thing again till you kill him.

                  No Idea why they put Dennis The Anus Invader so Early in the game when you are barely geared with 4 Turtles.
                  He literally with Violate you rectum with his Retarded Magic Shots that Track your movement, Yeah I used the 'R' Word because it's that stupid.

                  • 15 Jul 2018 07:34  

                    Seems like a real pain of an NPC invader for such a lower level. Killed him in Forest of the Giants but only because I spent the last two months playing DS Remastered, and on NG+++ so I was used to fighting things with higher health.

                    • Anonymous

                      09 Jan 2018 21:31  

                      FINALLY beat this guy. I'm a melee player and kept getting destroyed by his magic attacks at range and quick attacks closer in.

                      Banished him using a Grand Lance buffed with Gold Pine Resin - I thought I read on another wiki that he has lightning weakness; can't confirm. I had a large leather shield, tho in retrospect I should have brought the Buckler for parrying. I wore only a helm and gloves, those and my shield chosen for weight and magic DEF purposes, to keep me under 36% equip load for the obvious benefits of better dodging and stamina management.

                      As an aside, I've actually made more progress over the last couple hours of playing with little or no armor than I had the entire time before when I just kept under 70% equip load. If you're a melee player, I can recommend giving the sub-36% equip route a try if you're dying to enemies who you KNOW you do enough damage to beat, but can't seem to find an edge.

                      • Anonymous

                        06 Jan 2018 13:11  

                        WTF? I just had this guy on the brink of extinction in FotfG after dying countless times to him. I make some distance to heal, and he dissappears with the mess age "armorer Dennis has returned to their homeworld"... no souls, no drop, no nothing - has this ever happened to anyone else? What a load of bollocks.

                        • Anonymous

                          20 Sep 2017 01:18  

                          man ***** this dude he invades me in the soldiers rest bonefire and he is *****ing hard to kill (still have not killed him)

                          • Anonymous

                            09 Aug 2017 16:29  

                            There must be a way to easily kill him, his attacks are stupid quick and partially impossible to dodge away from...

                            • Anonymous

                              13 Jan 2017 16:31  

                              Arghh! I hate this NPC! I thought it was a player at first, till I remembered I was offline. Almost killed him once, had him down to one hit, but I ran out of stamina and he finished me off instead. >,<

                              • Anonymous

                                06 Dec 2016 00:30  

                                Same as wiki for me - Fencer Sharron appeared in the first courtyard of Iron Keep, then Dennis appeared when I entered the keep after dying once.

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