A stone that is terribly heavy for its size.
The Victor's Stone thirsts for the souls of fallen warriors, condensed within awestones, as if they were once part of the same whole.Offer it to the Victor's Stone to strengthen the bond with your covenant.

Awestone is a covenant item in Dark Souls 2.




Rank Requirement Reward
0 (Initial) Champion's Tablet
1 Offer 10 Awestones Great Magic Weapon
2 Offer 25 Awestones First Dragon Ring
3 Offer 50 Awestones Vanquisher's Seal



Some NPCs drop them while the player is in the Company of Champions covenant.

Farming Strategies

  • Aldia's Keep Black Phantom - use Bonfire Ascetics to keep respawning the dark phantom in Aldia's Keep until you hit 50 awestones.
  • Doors of Pharros Black Phantom - (confirmed on 1.03 ) on NG+ with version 1.00 Bowman Guthry invades every time you walk into the area and gives awestones upon being defeated. Use an ascetic at royal rat authorities bonfire (Ordeal's End), Gyrm's Respite does not affect Guthry's area. Some players may find him easier to farm than Rhoy the Explorer; he doesn't become aggressive until approached, so the Mastodon and Rat at the area's start can be fought separately from him quite easily. He seems to only use non-elemental Avelyn, firing one at a time and with some delay between attacks. He also moves slowly through the water and doesn't evade very often, so fighting him using a 100% damage reduction shield and a melee weapon is very effective at killing him. He is also very easy to poison using Dark Fog. (This method worked for me but I had to go to offline mode before he would invade at all)

When you kill the Mastodon and drop an item, wait to kill the phantom. As soon as he dies pick the item up. Had it become and Awestone and gained an additional Awestone from the red phantom. (Unconfirmed, please verify) (Tested on Ver 1.11 Cal 1.15 Original, received Mastodon Leggings after killing red Phantom)

  • The Gutter Black Phantom (s) - If you have released Navlaan, he will invade you in the Gutter near the ladder that leads to Havel's set, after killing him you can return to the bonfire then take the right path and go down to where the undead with the Torch is on the cliff. After clearing out the undead there and going to where the Iron Chest is, upon returning to the cliff where the torch undead was Melinda the Butcher should invade. (Her invasion seems to be scripted sometimes you'll have to repeat going past the chest and making sure all of the cliff enemies are killed before she'll actually invade)
    Both Navlaan and Melinda will invade you each time you use and Ascetic I got 30 Awestones using this method as it gets you two Awestones per Ascetic. This is one of the safer ways to farm it with Ascetics since The Gutter is a relatively harmless place to make harder. Also bear in mind that the Wooden chest in Melindas area respawns each time and which has a Twinkling Titanite and 3 Small Smooth and Silky Stones in it.
  • Grave of Saints Black Phantom- By far the most effective way to farm 50 Awestones. Go to the Grave Entrance  Bonfire in Grave of Saints, and burn a bonfire ascetic.  He will invade 12 times before needing to use bonfire ascetics (on the First Bonfire of Grave of Saints). If you can afford a Pharros Lockstone you can easily knock him off the near bridge and still get the Awestone drop direct in your inventory. Rhoy also has a small chance to drop an Awestone in addition to the one deposited to your inventory, so if you can handle him, it might be worth it to kill him in a way where you can get his drop (not from falling off the bridge, for example). Note: the NPC will only spawn once in NG, using bonefire ascetics will make it spawn 12 times per ascetic. With Covetous Gold Serpent Ring +2 and other Item Drop Increase gear you should get 50 Awestones in 4 Ascetics. I got about 20% more Awestones using the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring, Jester's Cap and Prisoner's Tatters. The use of a weapon that can stunlock him is highly recommended or a Great Club using the 2 handed heavy attack.

    NOTE: As of SotFS, and ONLY on SotFS,  Rhoy will respawn INDEFINITELY at bonfire intensity 2 or higher.

Another way use a lockstone at the floor Rhoy invades and use Lingering Flame across the bridge as the rats will not follow you and will damage him before he gets to you, I was able to kill with 4 and then a few Great Fireballs, have strong armor on to not worry about dodging too often as you will kill him before you lose half,



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    • Anonymous

      sotfs: so it took me 1h and 40 minutes to kill the this one Invisible Rogue sitting near the bonfire 283 times using my Santiers Spear +5 (2 heavy dual wielding strikes). Using Jester's Cap, Prisoner's Tatters, Watchdragon Parma and Covetous Gold Serpent Ring+1 it adds up to a drop chance of ~15% which is not too shabby. The whole experience turned out to be very meditative. The grind also earned me 152,820 souls which is meh I guess with 540 souls earned per kill.

      • Anonymous

        PS3 version (Vanilla DS2), farming spot for sorcerers: Eygil's Idol (NG+ and beyond)

        - Magic Clutch Ring
        - Clear Bluestone Ring +2
        - Covetous Gold Serpent Ring
        - Staff of Wisdom +5
        - Soul Spear or Crystal Soul Spear
        - Prisoner's Tatters
        - Symbol of Avarice

        There will be a red phantom near the bonfire wielding the drakekeeper great hammer that spawns infinitely, if you joined the covenant of champions. Rest at the bonfire, stay on the edge, and try to lock on to the phantom. If you managed to do so, shoot your (crystal) soul spears as fast as possible (since they'll be headshots, 3-4 should be enough). If he dropped something, climb down. If not, rest at the bonfire and repeat. Once he dropped his gear (drakekeeper great hammer, ironclad helmet and ironclad chestpiece), all his drops will be awestones. He seems to drop something every 7-12 kills.

        For those who don't want to deal with the rats while doing the Rhoy strategy all the time and for those who don't want to go into offline mode.

        • Anonymous

          Litteraly the most op strategy by far to farm these bad boys does not need NG+ nor bonefire ascetics; you just need to go to the shaded ruins bonefire while in the covenant of the champions and farm the white phatoms over and over. Get a good route and appropriate gear and you drop 50 awestones in about 3 hours.

          • Anonymous

            I was able to farm all 50 from the white phantoms in the Shaded Woods. There are 8 very close to the bonfire and farming was very easy.

            • Anonymous

              ive been grinding awestones from the twinblade stone soldiers in front of the looking glass knight and its pretty easy with a great sword at 30 str you can nearly two shot them so i run away and finish them off with a bow but i dont think the drop anything if you dont wake them first

              • Anonymous

                I like how the petrified bone farming in aldia's 2nd bonfire also nets you a bunch of awestones from the 3 ogres (and a rare few twinkling from the gargoyle)

                • Anonymous

                  grave of saints, low level farm build (sotfs): I highly recommend using thrust weapons for this, as their greater reach and accuracy in tight spaces will be your saving grace. I start with dagger 2 handed R2 + stone ring and work my way up to a standard spear for more reach. Upgrades are not relevant as you will be stunlocking the spirit off the bridge while hiding around the corner. Build dex until you can use the spear and then build pure endurance for more attack attempts to knock the spirit off the edge. He will randomly roll and iframe through your first attack and follow up with a highly damaging 2 shot combo, for this reason i recommend not wasting effigies to keep your hp up. Once you get the 50 stones just use the majula soul vessel to respec str for the vanquisher seal and you're golden.

                  • Anonymous

                    Considering how the game seems to become much harder from it, I think it would make sense that certain bosses would drop them also. The Lost Sinner, the Ruin Sentinels boss fight, most DLC boss fights (especially the two king's pets, those should drop 10 awestones for defeating them while in the covenant). When I saw that the drops are somewhat random and not connected to any particular challenge whatsoever, I got a little disappointed.

                    • Anonymous

                      the big enemy enemy( an ogre, I think) at the very start of the forest just dropped an awestone for me. Before the area's first bonfire

                      • Anonymous

                        I used a Seed of a Fallen Giant so that the rats helped me kill him, then I'd kill the rats and get the drops, and as you just need to rest at the bonfire for Roy to respawn, you can keep doing this as long as you don't die/disconnect. I found this pretty safe to do, just make sure you can handle some rats on your own. also, one can chose the Seed as a starting item for your character

                        • Anonymous

                          I usually just throw on a cgsr +1/2 and farming the knights outside the looking glass knight you get slabs and the lewellen set as well

                          • Anonymous

                            I farmed these using the video shown above. It worked amazingly. On top of that if you are in the company of champions while doing this farm, you do not have the 12 kill limit as that is part of being in the company of champions. 1 bonfire ascetic is all you need, or just do it before you fight the royal rat vanguard. Thanks for the tip.

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