Build Name
Starting Class
Starting Gift
Soul Level
Balanced Sorcerer
Petrified Something

High Damage with spells + magic weapons. First thing is first, try to get your Int, Str, endurance, Vig, Vitality and Attunement to 20. With that you will be able to take hits just fine while having good damage and fast casting speed. After that, focus on raising Int and Attunement to as much as you want. Recommended to cap int at 55~ and Attunement to where you feel comfortable with the amount of spells and casting speed you have, recommended to cap at 40.

As for armor, Lion Mage Set is pretty good because of the boost of casting speed it provides. The set can be found in Shaded Woods. For weapons you will be able to use magic based weapons such as Fire Sword as their magic damage scales with Int. The best early staff is found in Dragon Shrine, Staff of Wisdom. Until you reach there you can use your beginning sorcerer staff and upgrade it to max or get the Witch Brunch from the hole in Majula after you're able to make high jumps without getting killed.

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