The Bandit is a starting class in Dark Souls 2

A merciless outlaw.
High dexterity, skilled with a bow;
Fights well at various ranges.

Soul Level Vigor Endurance Vitality Attunement Strength Dexterity Adaptability Intelligence Faith
11 9 7 11 2 9 14 3 1 8

Weapons: Hand Axe, Short Bow, Wood Arrow (x25)
Armor: Bandit Set
Items: Lifegem (x10)

Notes: The Bandit's claim to fame is that they start with a Short Bow, though their lack of arrows makes its usefulness questionable. When you run out, your only choice is to unlock Blacksmith Lenigrast's shop, where you can get a free Short Bow anyway. Their intelligence is by far the lowest among all classes, which hurts the damage of fire or magic elemental weapons, but lightning is the better choice for most bosses anyway and this class starts with more Faith than the Warrior, Knight and Swordsman so use Gold Pine Resin. But it also makes the spell merchant Straid of Olaphis and Felkin the Outcast refuse to trade with you. and the Bandit's low attunement will make it difficult to equip a spell later on. Since ranged attacks aren't really needed in the first area of the game, it's probably a better idea to go with the more powerful Swordsman if you are interested in a high dexterity character. However, the Bandit is the best choice for players interested in a completely magic-free character, as their magical stats (Intelligence + Attunement + Faith) are the lowest of any class.

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