Bell Keeper is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.

Bell Keeper.png

Aggressive little dwarves, dedicated to protecting the bell. They appear as grey phantoms and will charge you with their axes held high, be warned as they can hit rather hard. Some of them can use bows, while others wield firebombs.

The bells are the symbols of forbidden love, and the marionettes who defend them do so with zealous passion.They've been watching over, and ringin', the bells forever. If you seek to stop them, or to ring a bell for yourself, you'll have to face these tiny terrors

Strategy tips

  • The Bell Keepers are very slow, and tend to attack in singular vertical swings of the axe, which deals a handy amount of damage. Note that they can do multiple swings, but have a tendency to do one at a time. When engaged in long distance, the Bell Keepers can use bows to attack. Some of them are armed with firebombs. Simply do an evasive roll to avoid ranged attacks.
  • Keep within attacking range of their axe in order to avoid annoying arrows. Since the dwarves are slow, circle strafing is effective as an evasive maneuver. Circle strafe them until they swing their axe. The axe swing is slow enough that the kite maneuver should be able to dodge. Strike afterwards.
  • The very top of the Belfry Luna tower has around 4 to 5 dwarves. Proceed with caution, and circle strafe the entirety of the dwarves. Make sure that no dwarf is within their bow and arrow range, as ranged combat makes the battle much more difficult.
    • If your weapons don't have enough range to encompass at least two dwarves, or they don't do enough damage, lure them into the stone corners of the tower and engage 1 on 1.

NG: ?
NG+: ?
NG+7: ?
Location: Belfry Luna, Belfry Sol
NG: Yes
Move set
  • Axe Swing
  • Axe Swing Combo
    • Three swing hit
  • Bow and Arrow
    • Shoots an arrow that deals modest damage


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