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  • Benhart is the knight you encounter, just before petrified Rosabeth. He appears to be wielding the "Moonlight Greatsword" from the previous titles.
  • The fact that he refers to his sword as "My ancient sword", might further allude to it being the Moonlight sword, as it was also in the spiritual predecessor series-Kingsfield
  • After clearing the way by unpetrifying Rosabeth, speaking to him will earn you the "Joy" gesture, and the ability to summon him later on. (more info needed)
  • Dialogue (Add Spoiler tags from the text editor if you know how to! link: )


Majula - near the petrified pyromancer, Rosabeth, through a corridor in the rock. lined with dead trees
By unpetrifying Rosabeth, he becomes available for summoning.
Forest of the Fallen Giants - Just before the resting giant after the Pursuer's boss fight location.
Speaking to him here will activate his presence in the giant memory. (which is where he gives the player his equipment)
Memory of Orro - Straight forward when you enter memory.
Gives equipment after being summoned 3 times.


Brightstone Cove Tseldora - Royal Army Campsite
Inside of a tent right outside the bonfire.
Drangleic Castle - Central Castle Drangleic
Just before the Looking Glass Knight boss.
Throne of Want - King's Gate
Before the final boss.


Bluemoon Greatsword

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