Ring of Binding is a health decrease prevention ring in Dark Souls 2.
ring_of_binding.png "An unusual ring of unknown origin.
Limits the wearer's HP reduction when Hollow.
Alas, this ring will not make you human. What is lost is not easily retrieved."


  • Limits the amount of HP reduction upon Death. Instead of 50%, minimum becomes 75%
    • Equipping the RoB will raise your health even when not fully hollowed.
  • Durability: 130
  • Weight: 0.2



  • If your health is being affected by this ring and you are summoned as a White Phantom to another player's world, then there is a way to become human when you return to your world. Simply remove the Ring of Binding and replace it with another ring since the game spawns you in human form when you're a white phantom. Regardless of whether or not you succeed, you should be in human form when you return to your world.(This happened to me recently, I'll have to check whether or not it wasn't just an isolated incident and whether or not it is indeed this item that is causing it)
  • Confirmed Bug: most likely to be patched soon. (Source: Dark Souls 2 Reddit)
  • Update: however, this bug has not a 100% chance to turn you into human form again. it's still completely random.

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    • Anonymous

      30 Apr 2019 19:57  

      An extremely useful ring, at least until you collect the rings for your preferred playstyle. I hardly lose as much HP thanks to this seemingly simple ring. Definitely useful to have.

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