Binoculars are used to peer at distant sights,
A rare tool crafted in Volgen. These won't help you in battle, but with a little creativity, can be put to good use.

Binoculars are a special tool item in Dark Souls 2.




  • Equip them in a weapon slot, and use the same buttons you would to use that weapon or shield to look through them.
  • Cannot zoom in.
  • Enables you to aim in first person for magics and the like.
    • Can be used to aim sorceries, pyromancies, hexes, and miracles. Equip binoculars in one hand and a catalyst of your choosing in the other and fire away. It's similar to aiming with a bow, but way stronger. This is an immensely useful trick for farming difficult areas like the Shrine of Amana and the Dragon Shrine. If you attuned some good spells and have good aim, nothing will be able to touch you.
    • Note: Spells cast at the dead center of your screen, based on where you are looking. To aim without binoculars, simply line enemies up with the center of your screen. If doing this manually is too difficult for you, use popular methods within the FPS scene (IE: you may tape two strings of sewing thread, one horizontally and one vertically across my TV and where they meet is the center. Sewing thread is small enough to not obstruct your view.)
    • Note: Spells can strike for more damage on certain enemies if they are headshots, similar to arrows.
    • Video tutorial of aiming spells



  • Majula, on a ledge just off to the side of the pathway to the Forest of Fallen Giants.
  • The optimal way to reach these is to head towards Things Betwixt from Majula or vice versa and look towards the cliff for a drop off area. There you will find a cleric sacred chime and a morning star on a body behind you. Following the path will lead towards a dead body with the binoculars on them.
  • Location video here


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