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Drakeblood knights are located in Dragon's Rest shortly after you encounter them in a pit you will fight Elena, the Squalid Queen, the first boss of Dragon's Rest. Their armor can be found in Dragon's Sanctum, after the third bonfire. There are no drops from them. The Drakeblood Greatsword can be found in the elevator room in Dragon's Sanctum. They also use the Spirit Tree Shield, acquired from ranking up once in The Blue Sentinels or getting it from Chancellor Wellager in NG++. " The Drakeblood Knights, who worshiped the dragon's blood were lead by Sir Yorgh, in a siege of the Eternal Sanctum, but sunk into the sanctum when the sleeping dragon awoke. The red cloth wrapped around their back symbolizes the sacred blood of dragons."
Drakeblood Helm.png Drakeblood Armor.png Drakeblood Gauntlets.png Drakeblood Leggings.png Drakeblood Greatsword.png Spirit Tree Shield.png
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