Blood Kin Knight

In a land to the distant South, there is said to exist an order of knights... honorable, violent souls.... These knights worshipped the source of all life... Not fire, nor the soul, but blood.... They devoted their lives to the red substance... corrupting it.... spilling it... all in the name of kinship with the living... but in these times of strife, who is to say what is living or dead?
The Blood Kin knights knew only of blood and honor... and there is no honor without death... The Knight would need to cure his curse... the Curse of the Undead.... in order to look his brothers and sisters of arms in the eyes again... and so, this crimson relic wanders the haunted land, once known as Drangleic...

This is a DEX, END, and ADP heavy build, primarily used for PVE and CO-OP, although it could be effective in PVP. It's a semi-roleplay build, hence the use of the Red Sign Soapstone, if one is into PVP. This build is highly adaptable. Defensively, this build focuses on wearing relatively light armor, and dodging attacks. Offensively, it focuses on punishing attackers with fast attacks (Via powerstance), stunlocks, and debilitating status effects. This build is really more of a framework than a full build, as there are many ways to go about this. This build has not been tested for high level gameplay yet. Any input is welcome. This is also my first build.


  • Armor:
    • Alva set
    • Rings (Primary)
      • Chloranthy Ring
      • Stone Ring
      • Ring of Binding
      • Ring of Blades
    • Rings (Secondary)
      • Crest of the Rat (For Poison focused characters)
      • Crest of Blood (For Bleed focused characters)
      • Bracing Knuckle Ring (A Must for Twinblades)

  • Weapons:
      • Primaries refer to your bread-and-butter weapons. Secondaries are alternatives. Tertiaries are situational weapons, which may come in handy, although they aren't necessary.
      • A * denotes that the weapon is untested.
      • Bleed and Poison both scale with DEX
      • Throwing knives of all types scale with DEX
  • Melee (Primary)
    • Dual Falchions (Recommended infusion: Bleed)
    • Dual Scimitars (Recommended infusions: Bleed or Poison)
    • Dual Manikin Sabres (Recommended infusion: Bleed)*
    • Basic Twinblade (Recommended infusion: Poison or Raw)
    • Curved Twinblade (Recommended infusion: Bleed)*
  • Melee (Secondary)
    • Warped Sword (Powerstance with a primary)*
    • Ricard's rapier (Recommended infusions: Poison or Bleed
  • Melee (Tertiary)
    • Mail Breaker (Great for Criticals, and extremely low weight)
    • Dagger
    • Caestus (Strike damage)
    • Mace (Strike damage)
  • Ranged (Primary)
    • Light Crossbow
    • Shortbow
  • Ranged (Secondary)
    • Sea Bow
    • Hunter's Blackbow
  • Ranged (Tertiary)
    • Throwing Knives
    • Lacerating Knives
    • Poison Throwing Knives
    • Dung Pies (Personally, I don't think these fit well from a theme point of view, but I'm not your mother, it's up to you)
  • Shields
    • Drangleic Shield
    • Blossom Kite Shield*


  • The stats for this build will vary greatly, depending on your choice of weapons.
  • Because of this, these stats are more suggestions, rather than rules.
  • Obviously, stats will differ depending on your level.
    • Vigor
      • 20-30
      • Sink spares into this at higher levels
    • Endurance
      • 30-40
      • Sink spares into this at higher levels
      • If using Twinblades, you will need a high endurance stat.
    • Vitality
      • Enough that you will be under 70% of your equipment weight, using your choice of gear.
    • Attunement
      • Base
    • Strength
      • Enough that you can either:
        • Powerstance your choice of 1 handed weapons
          • OR
        • Wield your choice of twinblade
    • Dexterity
      • 40
      • Throwing knives of all types scale with Dexterity, although not very much.
      • Bleed and Poison both scale with Dexterity as well.
    • Adaptability
      • Opinions on this stat vary greatly; personally, I prefer to sink spare points into this.
      • Adaptability increases your Poison and Bleed resistances, as well as your agility.
      • Higher agility means more invincibility frames during rolls.
    • Intelligence
      • Base
    • Faith
      • Base


  • You'll need to use an evasive playing style for this build.
    • A shield can be used, but isn't necessary.
    • Be prepared to learn how to dodge.
    • You need to be careful of your stamina with this build; Don't get greedy with attacks.
  • Personally, I think this build is a great contrast to heavy builds; Many heavy weapon users use the Elite Knight Set, which is a good contrast to this build, appearance wise.
  • Don't expect to tank very effectively with this build.
  • When dodging vertical attacks, it's more a matter of piking a direction and hoping you're not rolling into anything sharp/hot/hungry.
  • When dodging horizontals, it's best to roll toward the attack, not away from it.
    • You want the attack to hit you during your invincibility frames. Rolling into the attack causes you to spend less time In the attack, meaning you'll be more likely to be hit with you I-frames up meaning no damage)
  • Twinblades will devour your stamina, so be careful.
  • The Mail Breaker can be downright lethal when it comes to critical hits, don't underestimate it.
  • If anybody has any input, comment away!

Updated Feb 13, 2016 9:48 am

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    • I would also recommend using Shadow Gauntlets (Bleed) or Sanctum Guardian Gauntlets (Poison) for the extra defense and faster procs on the effects. I've been running a Poison and Bleed build and the Shadow Gauntlets + Crest of The Rat of a Bleed Falchion w/ 40 Dex has me at over 325 total bleed. This has been super handy against bosses like The Rotten and Najka.

      • Anonymous

        My comment was not posted ... so, once again: THANK YOU for this build! This is my fifth attempt at beating the game and for the first time, I can see myself succeeding. I picked the game up as my first DS and ran into it like the biggest idiot in the world. I tried a cleric first but hat no idea what I was doing. After that, I tried sorcerers bc I was thinking it would be easier than learning how to dodge etc (stupid lazy ***** that I was ...) It took a few failed sorcerers for me to realise that I hated to play the game that way. I was squishy, not in the least versatile and the constant casting was annoying me to no end. A few days ago, I decided to try sth new and found your build. Thanks for not only posting an endgame, but for giving hints along the way. I started out using double scimitars and now I am using a twinblade along with your recommended rings. Maybe I'll infuse it, but for now I'm going vanilla. And I am *****ing killing it! All the things! I am waaay better suited for combat, can even deal with crowds of enemies (if I'm being smart and take care of my stamina), and even the boss fights are a *****ing delight. I feel much more powerful and relaxed when I play now - this build helped me enjoy the game so much more, I can't thank you enough. I'm happy to take this all the way home and beat the game. If I manage that, the reward will be DS3. Lots of love from this gal! It's like you gifted me a new level of enjoyment and ease. Smooches from Northern Norway, love this build.

        • Anonymous

          Starting a new playthrough with the DLC's and looking forward to giving this a shot. Nice backstory and good room for customization. Great work!

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