yoGlHRI Bradley of the Old Guard is an NPC summon available for multiple boss fights in Scholar of the First Sin.
In combat, he wields a Heide Spear, Disc Chime, and frequently utilizes offensive Miracles.



  • He will perform the "Duel Bow" gesture on his arrival and departure.
  • He uses the following miracles: Lightning Spear, Heavenly Thunder, ForceEmit Force, and Sunlight Blade.
  • Has the ability to use Med Heal to heal himself, as well as the host and other summoned phantoms.
  • If you are not at full health upon summoning him, he will perform the "I Won't Bite" gesture to cue you to approach him so he can heal you
  • It is also worth noting that Bradley wears the Alva's set, but his defense, especially against fire, is a lot more than the armor would offer. His damage, however, is surprisingly low despite Sunlight Blade.



Locations Events
Bradley is available to summon as a shade in No Mans Wharf. Bradley can either be summoned to help the player with the enemies found in no mans wharf, or after clearing out all the enemies at this location, Bradley can be used in the boss fight. Flexile sentry
Shaded Woods, at the bottom of the ramp that leads to the boss fog. Scorpioness Najka
Bradley can be summoned again for the Throne of Want throne of want


Locations Details
Next to the archer and Varangian on the docks Bradley's summon sign can be found on the docks next to the archer and the Varangian. Bradley is a shade in this area, and can either be used to help the player fight the normal enemies, or once all the enemies are defeated he will be able to help with the boss fight.
At the bottom of the ramp in the Shaded Ruins, between two stone structures. You need to have killed all shades in the area for the sign to appear. Shades in the foggy, forest area do not count. Summon can only be performed in PS4, XBOX1, and DX11 versions of Scholar of the First Sin.
Found directly in front of the boss fog at the Throne of Want. Bradley can be summoned for the the multiple boss at the throne of want, but only if Aldia, scholar of the First Sin is the final boss. If Bradley (and Benhart) don't survive the boss fights, it is possible to teleport back to the previous bonfire by using the Aged feather or a Homeward Bone in between fights.

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