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Brume Tower Walkthrough


To commence this quest, head to the primal bonfire in Iron Keep and examine the obelisk that is in the room after the bonfire, to be teleported to a new area. When you arrive, you will see some stairs going up and a room on either side. The side rooms can be accessed by players without the DLC, they can place their summon signs there and be summoned into the Iron Passage or the Memory of the Old Iron King (random). Head up the stairs and open the big door with the Heavy Iron Key.

ds2 dlc3 brumetower access

Straight ahead you'll find an elevator that you can call using the lever on the right. Get on and ride it up to the fog gate. Pass through it and continue right, up some stairs, until you reach the remains of an Ashen Idol holding 6x Smelter Wedges. Loot it then continue up the chain to reach the Brume Tower, and find the Throne Floor Bonfire.


Ashen Encounters

As soon as you reach an ash covered area after the stairs, an Ashen Idol will emerge. It will blow up and cause several fire pillars to erupt around it. So once you see it surface, retreat to a safe distance and let it throw its flame tantrum before approaching it and using a Smelter Wedge to destroy it and pick up the Soul of Nadalia, Bride of Ash (fragment) it leaves behind. NOTE: Be sure to keep at least one Smelter Wedge to bring to the boss fight, as you'll need one to disable the Idol that constantly heals the boss.

ds2 dlc3 brumetower ashenidol1

Go down the stairs on the left side to find a Dexterity Ring. Head back up take the first doorway on the right to travel down another flight of stairs until you reach a suspended elevator. Drop onto it and pick up 2x Old Growth Balm on the corpse, before dropping down again. Continue through the doorway and down to another ash field. This time, an Ashen Warrior will emerge from the ground. Deal with him then pick up 2x Twilight Herb on the cliff next to you. Destroy all ash figures in the area and pickup a Large Soul of a Proud Knight from the last one. Down the ramp and awaits a fight against a group of Ashen Warriors. After you kill all 4, check on the right of the stairs for a corpse containing a Rouge Water.

Back to the main route, proceed through the doorway and down the ladder. Around the structure, you'll find a Blackweed Balm, pick it up before proceeding down the next ladder. At the bottom, you'll find a corpse holding a Scythe+7. Continue through the doorway and you'll find 10x Prism Stone on a corpse .
Keep going down that hallway to arrive at a chest containing a Titanite Slab.


Upper Floor Bonfire

You'll find a ladder that leads down to a big room with an Ashen Idol in the center, surrounded by some Ashen Warriors. The Ashen Idol will continue to buff the Ashen Warriors, if not destroyed. On the right there's a room with 2 more Ashen Warriors guarding a corpse holding the  Pyromancy: Dance of Fire. In the main room, destroy the idol for another Soul of Nadalia, Bride of Ash (fragment), to make taking on the enemies in this room easier. At the end of the room, a lever on the left can be used to open the metal door. Go through the door and turn left.

Ashen Warriors will emerge from the ash. Make quick work of them before destroying the ash figures in the area to acquire 2x Old Mundane Stone from the last one. Once done, continue down until you reach a body holding 5x Lloyd's Talisman on a cliff. Across the body you'll find an illusory wall that you can uncover by pressing the "use" button on it. Through it, you'll find two chests, one containing 4x Old Radiant Lifegem and 4x Wilted Dusk Herb, while the holds 2x Soul Vessel.

ds2 dlc3 brumetower hiddenwall1

Go back up right of the doorway this time. Open the metal door on the right at the end of the patio and enter the room where you'll find 3 Barrel Carriers, which passive until provoked; be careful if you choose to provoke them, as they are explosive and a fire sources are not far off wherever these buggers are. Whether you've chosen to take them out or not, proceed down the ladder on the left. Continue down the stairs and you'll find a corpse holding 2x Goldenfruit Balm, at the bottom . A Possessed Armor will attack here as well, kill it to continue forward to find another fire-spouting statue and several Barrel Carriers around it.

ds2 dlc3 brumetower goldenfruitbalm1

Go down the ladder, kill the Ashen Warrior there and go down the next ladder. 2 more Ashen Warriors will be waiting there, kill them and open the wooden chest on the right for a Caestus+8. Enter the doorway and on the right you will find the Upper Floor Bonfire. BEWARE: This area is riddled with Invader Prowlers, so be ready for a handful of surprise fights against red-glowing foes.

Big Boy Bomb

Continue in the same direction to arrive at a metal door that doesn't open from this side so turn left and loot the wooden chest for 3x Twinkling Titanite. Return to then past the bonfire, follow the right path and find a fog gate. Head left into an alcove, walled by metal bars, to find a ladder in a corner. At the bottom of the ladder you'll find a Barrel Carrier standing by a metal trap door. Ignore it for now and turn right when exiting the alcove to arrive at a pile of dead bodies and a metal door. On the other side of this door, you'll find 3 more Barrel Carriers and a covered hole in the floor. 3x Radiant Lifegem can be found by the ladder at the end of the room.

Now before you make the descend down that ladder, be wary of the several Ashen Warriors and Iron Warrior that await at the bottom. A good strategy to employ here is to herd the Barrel Carriers down the ladder and blow them up to clear some of the enemies before proceeding down. Either way, they've all been defeated, use a Smelter Wedge on the Ashen Idol and pick up another Soul of Nadalia, Bride of Ash (fragment) and a Flame Quartz Ring +3 from the body near the ladder. Down here you'll also find a giant metal door that you'll need to proceed through, and can be opened by pulling the nearby lever -do so.

ds2 dlc3 brumetower ironwarrior1

Foyer Bonfire

At the bottom of the first set of steps, a Possessed Armor will rise and attack you, next to a couple of corpses. Defeat it and claim the following loot from the bodies:

Continue down the path until you reach 2 Ashen Warriors, and a Fume Sorcerer on the cliff. As you approach the sorcerer, another couple of Ashen Warriors will emerge from the ground. TIP: whenever you see a Fume Sorcerer, always try to rush them first, or take them out at range, before going in. There is also a Human Effigy on the corpse next to the sorcerer. If you continue in the same direction, you'll encounter more Ashen Warriors and another Fume Sorcerer. Go down the ladder at the end and kill the 3 Ashen Warriors nearby.

To the left you will see a big ash field with many ash figures. In here, 2 Ashen Warriors will emerge and try to ambush you from the wall on the left. After you kill them, destroying all the figures grants you 2x Soul of a Great Hero and a Large Soul of a Proud Knight. Return to the ladder and this time, head down the stairs ahead to exit the building then continue around on the left. Pick a Raw Stone from the corpse then return to the ladder and hug the left side of the stairs while approaching it. Once you reach the end of the stairs, do a 180 to the left and proceed here to find a fog gate. Go down the stairs continue right, past the locked iron door, to find the Foyer bonfire.

ds2 dlc3 foyerbonfire1 brumetower

Iron Scepter

Follow the path past the bonfire and you'll find a body with 2x Magic Stone on the right. From here, turn right and take the ladder down to continue into the next area. Pull the lever at the end near the metal bars. In this area there will be many flame spitting heads, remember that you could move them by hitting them with sword or arrows. This is useful in toning down health of sorcerers or Iron Warriors, or blasting barrel carriers near them. Kill the sorcerer after the flame spitting head. Behind the sorcerer is a breakable wall with a chest, the chest contains 8x Petrified Dragon Bone, the wall can only be broken by exploding a Barrel Carrier. Pull the next lever and kill the sorcerer nearby, run/roll by the flame spitting statue and kill the other two sorcerers, behind these two  is another breakable wall that has a chest holding Catarina Leggings and Gauntlets; again, blow it up using a Barrel Carrier. Further down the path is another lever and an Iron Warrior.

ds2 dlc3 brumetower catarinachest1

After killing the warrior, pull that lever and the other lever next to it. Head outside and turn left into a small doorway, at the end turn left into a small room and go up the ladder. Pull the lever to open a shortcut to the previous bonfire and pick up a Dried Root. Go back and cross the chain on the left. Enter the fog gate and kill the 5 Ashen Crawlers in that hallway. In the end of the corridor there is a body with 2x Petrified Dragon Bone. Go through the doorway and down the ladder. You will be invaded by the NPC Quicksword Rachel, she will be waiting at the bottom of the ladder. Kill her and open the metal doors.

ds2 dlc3 fumetower rachel1

Two Ashen Crawlers will be waiting behind each door. Behind one door are 2 bodies that hold 2x Twinkling Titanite and the hex Recollection, a Fume Sorcerer will appear after you pick up the items. One of the door will lead to a ladder, go down that ladder and keep following the path until you reach another metal door, open it and 6 Ashen Crawlers will be guarding the Scorching Iron Scepter. Try and use some alluring skulls to get them to kill each other for you. If you can't bait them into fratercide, do a suicide run to grab the scepter.

Tower Key

Go through the doorway on the right, kill the Ashen Crawler and follow the path and pull the lever to activate the elevator. When the elevator comes down, kill the Ashen Crawler that is on it, step on the elevator and go up. Cross the corridor and drop down he hole on the left. Go out and cross the chain again and go all the way back to the bonfire (use a Homeward Bone or the Aged Feather to speed up the process).

Go to the structure in the middle of the room and use the Scorching Iron Scepter. This will activate the elevators in this room. In one of the corners of the room, you'll find a body that holds a Spell Quartz Ring +3. Go down the elevator near the Sceptre, enter the doorway on the left and ignore the barrel carriers there, you will see an ash field. Three Iron Warriors will emerge from the ash. Kill them and destroy all the ash figures. Pick up the loot from corpses and figures for a total of:

ds2 dlc3 fumetower ironwarrior2

Go back to where you exited the elevator to use the Tower Key on the locked door in front of it. Follow the path and go down the stairs. On the right you'll find a body holding 2x Twilight Herb. The elevator there will take you down to an optional area, the Iron Passage.

Knight is Fuming

Go back to the Foyer Bonfire and take the elevator right in front of it to go down. Step out at the bottom and go right to the next elevator going down. When it stops, don't step out, wait for it to start going up again and jump/roll to the platform above. Follow that path into a room where you'll find a chest containing a Strength Ring on the left.

Drop down the hole and kill the Ashen Warrior there. Drop down the next hole and be careful not to step on the patched ground, or you will go down a few levels of patched grounds and die at the bottom. This floor has only one Ashen Warrior, with the next floor having two, and the subsequent floor only holding one. The one after is clear but the one after that will hold two more -in this same floor there is a body holding a Partizan +6. The final floor will contain an Iron Warrior.

After killing him, pull the lever to open the big metal door and you'll encounter a Possessed Armor, on the other side. Killing it will cause another to emerge from the ground. After dealing with them, you will encounter another Ashen Warrior and find two doorways.

  • Right - In here, you'll find the Sorcery Clutch Ring.
  • Left - In here, you'll find an elevator that takes you down to a large field and a fog gate.

Don't enter the mist yet. Instead, head right to face two Iron Warriors back to back. Deal with them then continue on until you see a bonfire on the right. Light the Lowermost Floor Bonfire then now destroy the 4 Ashen Idols with Smelter Wedges. If you don't destroy them, they will keep healing the boss that is inside that structure. At this point, consider doing the optional stuff listed below. Now enter the fog and face the big boy.

ds2 dlc3 fumetower rachel1

BOSS FIGHT: Fume Knight

After killing this boss enter the small room and examine the petrified body to obtain the Crown of the Old Iron King. After killing the Fume Knight, you can explore the two optional areas, the Iron Passage and the Memory of the Old Iron King.


Optional Content in Brume Tower

  • The guide above focused on the essential and on loot that doesn't take the player too far away from the main objective, but Brume Tower has more areas to explore and more items to get. It's recommended to explore these areas wearing the Hollow Skin, because two of them inflict curse and this head gear gives the player 1000 curse resist, and before killing the Fume Knight so other players can be summoned to help.

    Hollow Skin: After placing the Scorching Iron Scepter next to the Foyer bonfire, take the elevator up, step out and go to the next elevator going up. As soon as you step on the elevator move close to the front wall and keep pressing the "interact" button as it goes up. When it comes down an illusory wall will be open, roll into that room and open the chest that contains the Hollow Skin.

    Baneful Bird Ring: This ring is close to the first bonfire of Brume Tower, but its only reachable after the Scorching Iron Scepter has been placed near the Foyer bonfire. Teleport to the first bonfire and look around, you will see a body with an item and a blocked path. Now that the elevators are working wait for the elevator nearby to come up and jump/roll to it. From the elevator walk to the landing where the body is and pick up the ring.

    4x Smelter Wedge and Dispelling Ring +1: From the Foyer bonfire take the elevator going up and the next elevator going up. At the top go right and open the door at the end. Kill the Possessed Armor (exploding the Barrel Carrier nearby is the easiest way), in one of the little room on the right is a body that has 15x Lacerating Knife, pick that up and go up the stairs. Kill the Possessed Armor here and make one of the Barrel Carriers go to the fire the head is spitting, the explosion will break the wall and reveal a body holding the Dispelling Ring +1. Continue through this path, kill the 2 Ashen Warriors waiting on the left and the 2 Possessed Armor at the end (again, exploding the barrels or the carriers nearby is the easiest way), in the end of this corridor on the left there is a chest that has the 4x Smelter Wedge.

    Pilgrim's Spontoon: From the Upper Floor bonfire go to the circular room with the elevators. Enter the room and turn right, wait for the elevator to be on its way up and drop to it. Let it go up and when its going down, let is pass the platform you were in initially and roll to the next one, a smaller one, enter the doorway and open the chest to pick up the Pilgrim's Spontoon. ( location video)

    Life Ring +3: From the Upper Floor bonfire go to the circular room with the elevators. Enter the room and turn right, wait for the elevator to be on its way up and drop to it. Then quickly walk across to next ledge. Open the metal door and kill the Iron Warrior in that room. Open the 4th door and use a Smelter Wedge to destroy the Ashen Idol, pick up the Soul of Nadalia, Bride of Ash (fragment) and open the chest in the end of the room to pick up the Life Ring +3.
  • Open the first door near the chest and pick up 5x Flame Butterfly from the body, then break the crates and walk around the ledge they were hiding for 3x Titanite Chunk and a Titanite Slab.
  • Open the door right of the one where the Ashen Idol was and there will be 3 bodies with loot, they hold 10x Titanite Shard, a Petrified Something and a Broadsword +7. The other door has nothing behind it.

    Simpleton's Ring: From the Upper Floor bonfire go to the circular room with the elevators. Enter the room and turn right, wait for the elevator to be on its way up and drop to it. When it is near the top walk into the passage to enter a room with a minotaur statue spitting fire. The statues will spin 360 degrees if hit. Kill the 2 Possessed Armor there. There is a body with loot under the fire, picking it up is very risky, it's 5x Old Radiant Lifegem. Go around the statue and roll under the fire. Open the metal door and walk to the ledge to pick up the Simpleton's Ring from the body.

    Majestic Greatsword: From the Foyer bonfire turn left, go past the metal door and up the stairs on the left, kill the Ashen Warrior and go down the stairs on the right. Cross the chain and you will be invaded by Maldron the Assassin, this NPC will try to escape down the stairs when its health is low. Down there is an Ashen Idol that will heal it an buff it, so try to kill him as quickly as possible. Open the chest in the end for 2x Bonfire Ascetic. Equip the Hollow Skin before going down the stairs, since the Ashen Idol keeps this place cursed. Go down the stairs and 2 Ashen Warriors will emerge in the circular structure in the middle, and a Possessed Armor will attack you as soon as you are in range. You can't kill the Armor because of the Idol in the bottom, it will keep bringing it back to life. The best to do is to run to the bottom and destroy the idol so you can kill the enemies there. A body in the stairs at the start holds 5x Silver Talisman. In the 2nd round structure in the middle is a body holding a Alonne Greatbow+5. Don't forget to pick up the Soul of Nadalia, Bride of Ash (fragment) from where the Ashen Idol was. At the bottom of the tower is a chest that holds the Majestic Greatsword, but as soon as you get near the chest 2 Ashen Warriors will emerge.

    Pyromancy: Fire Snake: From the Foyer bonfire turn left and open the metal door on the left with the Tower Key, this is another cursed area, so wear the Hollow Skin.
  • As soon as you go down the stairs, 2 Ashen Warriors will greet you, kill them and go down the next stairs, kill the Ashen Warrior and turn left, an Ashen Warrior and a Possessed Armor will emerge. Quickly open the door on the left and destroy the Ashen Idol, now you can kill them. Pick up the Soul of Nadalia, Bride of Ash (fragment) and the 5x Large Titanite Shard from the body in the altar outside. Go to the other end of the corridor, enter the room on the right and open the chest for the pyromancy Fire Snake. Go up the stairs and turn right. The room on the left has a wooden chest that holds 3x Old Radiant Lifegem.

    2x Brightbug: From the Foyer bonfire take the elevator up, on the way up jump to the first landing you see. Follow that path and shortly you will see a Crystal Lizard, kill it and pick up 3x Twinkling Titanite and 3x Titanite Chunk/1x Titanite Slab. Open the metal chest ahead and pick up 2x Brightbug.

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