If you have encountered a minor or a game-breaking glitch, then please list it below. Ex: bosses not moving, immortal foes, stuck in the scenery, etc.
This page is not meant to encourage game glitching and exploits, but rather list the known ones. Also, please don't include details on how to perform glitches and exploits that breaks PvP or the game in general.

Known Glitches

  • If you have any pre-order/DLC weps, and the game server goes wonky and takes then gives them back to you, YOU WILL LOSE ALL MODIFICATIONS AND UPGRADES MADE TO THEM. (Confirmed)
  • By abusing the Binoculars it is possible to sprint really fast for a short distance. The length of the effect is also affected by what weapon you have equipped in the other hand. Also, I was unable to do the glitch on the unpatched version (ps3), so this glitch could have been introduced when something else got patched.
  • By abusing the Parry/Riposte mechanics it is possible to walk on air and go out of the map. This also works with ziplines?
  • It is possible to get stuck in the wall in the Smelter Demon arena if you stand up against it.
  • The Ricard NPC in the Dark Chasm of Old can backstab you into the wall in the tunnel behind him, so you'll be lying on the ground and unable to get back up.This glitch is probably related to the design of the tunnel in that area and not the npc itself.
  • The Drangleic Castle gate can close for whatever reason and you can get stuck without being able to re-open it or the door to the first bonfire.
  • The first drawbridge in Iron Keep can get stuck in the upper position, and you are unable to pull the lever again. This can happen if you get hit with an arrow and knocked away while you are pulling the lever the first time. - To circumvent the bug you have to do a running jump to the broken staircase with the dull ember to reach the other walkway.
  • Killing the Lion Clan Warriors, while they are in the air when jumping down a cliff can result in them getting stuck in a standing pose while dead.
  • In Drangleic Castle, jumping off of the elevator to the tower can result in other areas not loading. It can also make physics wonky while the elevator is still moving.
  • Unsure how this occurs, but it is possible to make your legs invisible by taking off the legging armor, on all characters, and is irreversible.
  • Unsure how this is caused, but a game-breaking glitch where Fragrant Branch of Yore fails to unpetrify non-playable characters, making it impossible to unblock areas and reach certain points in the game, as well as talk to Straid, making it impossible to obtain the items he sells, as well as to reach the bonfire he blocks.
  • Unsure how this occurs, but the loading screen can get stuck in an infinite loop making it impossible to load your save. (Both Xbox 360 and Xbox one SotfS) (Can be fixed by either clearing the Cache or removing/reinstalling the game.)
  • While loading into another world as a white phantom, or any other color possibly - it happened while being summoned as a white phantom - switching weapons at that moment can cause a permanent glitch resulting in the ability to equip weapons or shields into that weapon or shield slot, but the item will not actually be equipped and it will be an empty fist, and acting as such, and not the equipped weapon.
  • In the Shaded Woods, it is possible for the door past the first bonfire to not open and block your progress to the Shrine of Winter. This can be fixed in most cases by exiting The Shaded Woods and loading a new area besides Majula before returning.
  • In rare or unknown circumstances, the location the player spawns in may be not fully rendered, leaving everything's texture white and shiny. NPCs seems unaffected by this visibly, though they are silent when their dialogue is read off. Artifacts such as the bonfire and the shrine for the Pilgrims of Dark are unaffected as well.

  • On the way to the Gutter, if you fall in the correct position, then you will enter a falling state on the platforms and suddenly get launched up into the air whilst also immediately dying. (Only happened once on the Xbox 360 version, Unconfirmed if it can happen in SotfS.)

  • (Not sure if this counts as a glitch) If you bring a hostile NPC/Enemy towards the pit in Majula and parry them near the barrel by the statues to where they will fall off, if you start the riposte animation just before they fall, they will fall and you will fall down towards them at a approximate speedup of 3X. Once you hit them, they will die to the fall damage and you will be unharmed, allowing you to get to the Grave of Saints easily and safely. (Note that if the riposte animation is done at the incorrect time, you will either riposte too early or too late and die to the fall,Discovered by Distortion2) 

Boss Specific

  • When Scorpioness Najka casts soulmass and immediately dives beyond the ground, the orbs will still float in the air up above ground and fire. It is unknown if this is a feature or bug, but in comparison if a player casts soulmass the orbs will stay at head level and will vanish if they come in contact with any scenery.
  • While fighting the DLC boss, Raime, if you are cornered into the left side of the darker fog gate, you will then start to redundantly run backwards without stopping. On further examination, instead of running backwards, your copy of Dark Souls II seems to constantly register non-existent backwards movement of the controller. So far, this is proven irreversible. This glitch needs a second source.
  • A rare glitch occurs during online co-op, where a boss will lose all of its health when hit once. The cause of this glitch is not known yet.


Out of Bounds

  • With the Parry/Riposte bug it is possible to go out of bounds almost anywhere.
  • In Harvest Valley, at the top of the first ladder after the poison mist pool, it is possible to go out of bounds near the right side of the cliff.


Level Design Issues

  • In Huntsman's Copse, if an invader drops down to the hidden cave with the Ricard's Rapier he can get stuck there if the host hasn't opened the shortcut.
  • In Harvest Valley at the upper path, right where you enter the area coming from the Skeleton Lords. If you stay at the path above the broken ladder you can get invaded without the invader being able to reach you, since the ladder can't be scaled from below.
  • In Brume Tower(Crown of the Old Iron King DLC) by the third bonfire currently floating no scenery at all so staying close to the wall is only option other than falling. (Please explain)



  • An odd health bug can occur where your health bar will show a small amount of red (remaining health) but your character will die as if at zero health. Seems to happen when attacked by more than one enemy at the same time?
  • A strange glitch can occur where the fire keepers when you enter their hut are pure white in the cutscene, but they aren't there in the actual game, and neither is any NPC not starting in Majula.

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    • Anonymous

      02 Aug 2021 01:28  

      I somehow ended up getting trapped by an invisible wall when I went to grab the item around the corner with the single soldier from the Cardinal Tower bonfire in Forest of Fallen Giants. After grabbing the item, I couldn’t walk out of the area, as if some entity or wall was blocking me. I used the dark sign considering I didn’t have homeward bones on me and when I went back to grab my souls the wall didn’t appear. I haven’t been able to replicate the glitch. This is also when I realized the dark sign doesn’t leave a bloodstain, but I guess I didn’t really have enough souls for it to matter.

      • Anonymous

        19 Feb 2021 01:25  

        An Item glitch occurred for me in shaded ruins. After the bonfire when you jump left through the window over the small bridge. There is a chest guarded by a knight. The soul Item next to the chest is infinite for me, I can pick it up over and over again! Even after quit and reload.

        • Anonymous

          09 Dec 2020 17:01  

          I used an Aged Feather to return to the last bonfire after killing Throne Watcher and Defender and nothing in the game generated except for the bonfire, bloodstains, and messages. The only way I figured out how to solve it was by entering a giant memory, then leaving, and everything returned to normal.

          • Anonymous

            31 Aug 2020 18:59  

            Fell down from Earthen Peak to Harvest Valley by accident and learned that it crashes the game. Tried it a few times and it was consistent.

            • Anonymous

              03 Mar 2020 19:21  

              My games is messing up, char wont open door or grab ladder and will just walk in place. Npc galvan disappeared, laddersmith wont spawn. I'm beginning to lose my patience. This is my 4th play through, new char.

              • Anonymous

                12 Feb 2020 12:02  

                So this glitch keeps happening. Sometimes, the NPC summon signs won't be where they are supposed to be. I'm not in the Covenant of Champions, I'm always human, not wearing the ring, no human effigy active, have exhausted dialogue for the relevant NPC, and I have yet to lay down my own summon sign...this is starting to piss me off

                • Anonymous

                  30 Dec 2019 23:24  

                  When the souls I am carrying reach 900 each successive pve kill DEDUCTS souls back down to zero, then builds back up to 900 and the cycle repeats. Help!

                  • Anonymous

                    28 Dec 2019 23:01  

                    I Lost 500k souls by quitting out while under toxic from Scorpioness Najka WHILE WEARING RING OF LIFE PROTECTION. When I came back I died instantly outside the fog gate. The ring of life protection was broken but all my souls were gone, and not a single soul pile to be found. Not near the bonfire, not near the fog gate, not in the boss arena, not in majula. I'm surprised no one else in all these years has reported this glitch because it has ruined the game for me completely.

                    • Anonymous

                      02 Jul 2019 13:09  

                      I just started to play again on my 360,and i noticed that the character sometines will just stay still and begun to walk to the opposite direction that it was facing

                      • Anonymous

                        21 Jun 2019 03:17  

                        Branches of yore are missing in every game I've restarted to look for them got as far as the lost bastille, there wasn't any in the three locations, lost bastille, no man's wharf and the merchant hag melentia. So I bought a new game SOTFS version and for some reason they are still not there? I got as far as checking with melentia and quit. There are no solutions online.

                        • Anonymous

                          28 May 2019 16:30  

                          (On Iron Keep Bridge?) when placing down a (red?) summon sign and then going to the bonfire (and attuning spells?), the game will crash if someone attempts to summon you.

                          • Anonymous

                            21 May 2019 10:26  

                            I beat the Mirror Knight,but once i reached the Shrine of Amana....The area was gone...Only thing visble were the trees which were blank white....I found the bonfire but upon trying to warp...the loading screen just repeated the same items over and over...And upon trying to load the character from the menu..The loading screen just repeats...Im not put into game but my other 3 characters are fine...But none have yet reached the Shrine yet...Im worried that its missing on all the files.

                            • Anonymous

                              01 Apr 2019 22:51  

                              (Not Scholar of the First Sin). I have encountered a glitch to where nothing in the world loads. Everything is invisivlble, even NPCs and my character. Everything functions normally, but I am stuck in an invisible world. Pls help

                              • Anonymous

                                03 Mar 2019 16:14  

                                In all my runs i have encountered a bug (semi late) into the game where everytime i go to travel from bonfire to bonfire, i can see every possible place that can be unlocked, they are reffered to as "???" and has a darkend image. I don't know what triggers this but i don't think this was intentional. If anyone else has encountered this or if anyone have any knowledge of how to fix it (if that is possible) please let me know.

                                • Anonymous

                                  17 Feb 2019 00:38  

                                  No 6 Smelter Wedges at the beginning of Brume Tower where the Ashen Idol corpse is supposed to be. Wtf. (Playing on PS4).

                                  • Anonymous

                                    04 Feb 2019 06:45  

                                    I have the Scholar Of The first Sin for ps4. When i try to enter in the "Crown of the Iron King" dlc, when i'm at the fountain behind the primal bonfire and i want to teleport in dlc, the game don't teleport me to the DLC area but instead teleport me to the bonfire. I have all 3 DLC Keys, other two dlc work fine...

                                    • Anonymous

                                      16 Jan 2019 14:44  

                                      Items that return more souls when worn don't seem to work. I receive the same amount with or without them. Anyone know what's wrong?

                                      • Anonymous

                                        21 Dec 2018 18:16  

                                        Dark Souls 2 Original - I don't know if it's due to a recent update or patch, but it seems when trying to open the door to the spider cave in Brightstone Cove after following the path below the boulders, results in stepping in place without the door opening.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          30 May 2018 07:04  

                                          I created a new account(Xbox 360) and i have finished the game in ng+ in another account but when i started playing on my new account actually i had every Scholar Of The first Sin DLC features such as the shrines connected to the DLC maps and of course Aldia talking to me at the specific areas and become a boss after Nashandra is this a bug or what? can anyone help me?

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