Builds or Character Builds in Dark Souls II are very specific recommendations of how to build your character, from the creation of your character, the skills points spent throughout the game and the specific Magic & Equipment the player should obtain, all that works best to reach a certain goal. Users are able to share their suggested builds, share their chosen stats and equipment for optimized play. Players have created these builds, so their viability to different scenarios will vary. If you are interested on sharing a new build, you are more than welcome to add it to our wiki.

PvE Builds for Dark Souls 2

PvE or "Player Vs Environment" Builds features those builds that are focused on the main story of the game, the single player experience. These builds can be focused on several purposes such as farming xp, speedruns, achievement hunt, full completion of the game, etc. Builds are made by contemplating the game from beginning to end, including the gathering of items throughout the run to reach the build's peak.

Please visit our Dark Souls 2 PvE Builds Wiki for builds information shared by our community.

PvP Builds for Dark Souls 2

PvP or "Player Vs Player" Builds focus on the online multiplayer experience, where the optimization of the character skills, magic and equipment, focuses mainly on winning a battle against another player, or multiple players.

Please visit our Dark Souls 2 PvP Builds Wiki for specific information shared by our community.

Create your Build in Dark Souls 2 

Character Building is about coordinating your statsequipment and magic with your play-style. It is recommended to decide on a few factors before thinking of a build:

  • What is this character for? PvE? PvP? Will it co-op?
  • What kind of role will this character play? Offensive? Defensive? Balanced?
  • What Soul Memory will this character play at? Is the gear you want available in NG or NG+?
  • Is this build for beginners, intermediate or advanced players?

Once you have this general idea, you can think about the equipment you want to provide for your character in detail. You should consider staminapoise and other mechanics outlaid in the Combat page before deciding.

 Dark Souls 2: Share your Build

You can share your Build to the community by adding it on this wiki as follows:

  1. Make sure you are Logged in this Wiki.
  2. Create a Wiki Page with your build name. To create a page click "New Page +" located at the bottom left of the site, next to "Chat", "Recent Changes" then "New Page +".
  3. Enter the PvP Builds or PvE Builds wiki corresponding to the build you are about to add. Edit that page to add your Build, and the corresponding information.


Dark Souls 2 Build Tips

You can use this chart to understand better where you start from at the creation of your character and some tips about some stats work.

Class Soul Level Vigor Endurance Vitality Adaptability Strength Dexterity Intelligence Faith Attunement Total


12 7 6 6 5 15 11 5 5 5 65


13 12 6 7 9 11 8 3 6 4 66


12 4 8 4 6 9 16 7 5 6 65


11 9 7 11 3 9 14 1 8 2 64


14 10 3 8 4 11 5 4 12 10 67


11 5 6 5 8 3 7 14 4 12 64


10 7 6 9 12 6 6 5 5 7 63


1 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 54

Dark Souls 2: Level Up Tips

Here are some short tips about how each stat affects your build when leveling up:

  • Vigor: Raises HP and petrify resistance. (Vigor increases more HP than any other stat)
  • Endurance: Raises HP, stamina, physical defense and poise.
  • Vitality: Raises HP, equipment load, physical defense and petrify resistance.
  • Adaptability: Raises all resistances, agility, poise and poison bonus damage.
  • Strength: Raises HP, attack damage and guard.
  • Dexterity: Raises HP, attack damage, poison/bleed bonus and phyiscal defense.
  • Intelligence: Raises HP, magic/fire/dark bonus damage and increases casting sgeed. Raises magic/fire/dark defense.
  • Faith: Raises HP, magic/fire/dark bonus damage and increases casting sgeed. Raises magic/fire/dark defense.
  • Attunement: Increases attunement slots, Raises HP, casting speed and agility.

Color References

Consider the color codes a reference starting point for building a character:

  • Red: Aim for these stats if you are looking for a Tanky build, heavy blows, melee attacks and strength.
  • Green: Focus on these stats for Dodging skills, ranged or quick melee attacks.
  • Blue: Increases magical and elemental stats for Caster builds.

You may click on any character name or stat to find detailed information about it. Also click here for additional information about Starting Classes.


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