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Castaway Witch Donna is an invading dark spirit in Dark Souls II

  • She wears the Black Witch Hat and Agdayne's Set
  • The wields the Staff of Amana mainly loaded with Crystal Soul Spear and the Grand Spirit Tree Shield
  • When she kills you she will use the "I'm Sorry" Carving
  • Dialogue (Add Spoiler tags from the text editor if you know how to! link: )



Locations Events
Frozen Eleum Loyce, on the lower narrow bridge where one of the Loyce knights are  


Items Souls
Human Effigy  

    • Anonymous

      09 Jan 2019 18:29  

      This b!tch have poise casting, i tried kill her with a spear and my attack cannot cancel her Crystal soul spear... GG

      • Anonymous

        What29 Aug 2016 10:58  

        Apparently all these wiki sites ate wrong at some point.. she has agdaynes robes and bloodstained skirt, cant really see which gauntlets tho

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