This page contains player-made challenges to keep Dark Souls 2 rep
By GrinTwi

Dark Souls 2 Challenge Runs
Dark Souls 2 Challenge Runs

Chances are you might have been around Drangleic a bit by now, and you might have gotten a bit bored or aggravated by the current trend of hexers and brutes in PvP who make inappropriate gestures at you when you die. If you have, trust me, you're not alone.
However, that doesn't mean you should put down the game just yet. As you will see below, the game never truly ends for anyone – it only gets more challenging. If new game plus wasn't enough for you the first hell-knows-how-many-times, there are still some challenge runs for you to try out.
So sit down, relax, and find out some all new ways to indulge your sadomasochistic side!

The No-Bonfire Challenge Run

external image yIWpl0r.jpg
If you haven't heard, From Software took one look at the maddened state of the forum goers that had created the ‘No-Bonfire Run' and decided to, well… run with it. This is one of those runs that doesn't just give you a sense of accomplishment, it will unlock the Illusory Ring of the Exalted.
So what's the big deal with the ring? The ring in question actually allows for you to turn anything in your right hand invisible, thus making you one of the top five most annoying things in the player versus player world. So have fun on your journey without rest and remember; using this with Santier's spear might just make you worse than Stalin.

Fist Only Challenge Run

external image 5j1BDTA.jpg
Relatively straight forward, a run that would challenge you to be the next Street Fighter champion. Since the damage of the fists has had a bit of an upgrade since the original game, and since this exists, a run through the game without your favorite weapon seems to now be in order. However, keep in mind that rings are still readily available for your bruised knuckles, if you can get to them.

Crystal Mayhem's Human Run

external image bmUploads_2013-12-03_7673_ImportantTiming.jpg

This challenge consists in venturing into Drangleic as a Human Being, and being so, limited to your own flaws as one.
  • You shouldn't use any Bonfires except for the Primal bonfires (e.g. Lost Sinner, The Rotten, etc), as it is something only the Undead can do, and a Human Being may do so only by favor of a Primal Bonfire, which has the remnants of Humanity granted by superior beings.
  • You can't level up, for you have been born Human and the Emerald Herald only grants her favor to the Next Monarch as the Bearer of the Curse, yet thou art pure, and must remain so.
  • You Only Live Once, as you step into the accursed land of Drangleic as an Living One, and your demise should grant you final rest, as one free of the curse of the Unliving. Dying means you're unable to return to the field of glory, and so your journey ends.
  • As a living being, thou art unable to drink the Estus Flask, as it's forbidden and an attic of the Undead. You may still heal yourself with other natural sources, such as Lifegems and other resources you may gather during your Journey.

You may choose any class you wish, however, choose carefully. Your beginning stats should be the ones you will carry on until the end of the challenge. No restrictions beyond that. You may upgrade your gear/kill NPC's/Spend your souls on whatever you wish, according to the rules.
These restrictions will force you into the following conditions:
  • No bonfires means you won't be able to teleport/auto-repair your equipment/Fill Estus/Attune Magic. You may still fix your equipment on a Blacksmith/refill your magics with consumables.
  • No level up means you won't be able to use weapons/equipments made for inhuman strength/dexterity, such as ultra greatswords and things alike. As a common being, you have no proficiency on using that and should rely on your common gear. You may still try even though you have the attribute restriction, if you wish to.
  • 1-life. Nuff said.
  • No Estus Flask will force you to use healing sources that you will have to carry through a long way since you have no bonfires, which will put you into a more dangerous playstyle, as refilling your healing items may cost your souls on merchants, such as lifegems with Melentia the Hag.

Good Luck!

No-HUD Challenge Run

external image w5Wl0zw.jpg
An essential part of getting throughout the level is knowing how far you are from dying by the guy in the next room, who might have a weapon that is bigger than you are. This run would take that away removing your health bar, stamina bar, and everything else you confide in when you normally fight your surprisingly slow enemies. Though everything else is permitted to be used, this might bring a bit of a challenge to any new player that has yet to mess around in the options menu.

“Boycott the Blacksmith!” Challenge Run

external image Xl3U120.jpg
Has anyone noticed that Lenigrast is right by an open window in Majula when we first see him? Yet, we still have to throw away 1000 of our hard-earned souls. Yeah, screw him; we can get through the game without his fancy and incredibly helpful weapon upgrades. So instead of doing the sensible thing and helping out that other Blacksmith, let's just make it harder on ourselves and not upgrade our weapons at all. Why you may ask? Well, because this is Drangleic, and the only thing more popular than death is going mad.

The Solo Challenge Run

external image FIdc0pK.jpg
This is without a doubt directed towards the incredibly new players that used phantoms the first time around in this game. So here it is: Whether we're talking about NPC phantoms or competent player-used phantoms, you're connection with them is now gone. Now go through the game again without their help.

Meet the Community Challenge Run

external image aA72k89.jpg
This is a strictly NG+ run right here, seeing as so much player versus player goes on in NG+. For this run you'll need to grab a ring called ‘Delicate String' from an odd bloke that you find after the fight with the Undead Chariot. After you've entered into your second time through Drangleic, put the ring on and meet the community. Because of the ring, players will start invading you much more frequently, which will definitely hone your PvP prowess – and probably cause you to invent a whole new list of curse words and insults.

The Champion's Challenge Run

external image go8RbmL.jpg
You might know that there is a stone right outside of Majula that let's you enter a covenant. You might also have figured out the hard way that entering this covenant makes the game enter into NG+ if you're on NG. So after figuring out that bit of information you probably left the covenant, well start a new game up and join back in you pansy because this whole article is about trying to get you killed as many ways as possible.

The Nude Challenge Run

external image 87hfFwz.jpg
Assuming you've put a lot of hours into this game already you might not have that much shame left in you, so take off your clothes and do it again. You heard me, now that you've done this once you should be able to do this again without that shiny armor of yours on. Just think of this as practice for the next challenge run on this list. Enjoy the breeze!

The No-Death Challenge Run

external image mEFaB5l.jpg
Yup, this is actually possible. In fact, as many know, there is an actual ring that can be unlocked just like the no-bonfire run after completing the game without dying. So hopefully you've got some time on your hands so you can sit in your dark room and do this all over again, because the Illusory Ring of A Conqueror ring makes whatever you're holding in your left hand become invisible. Totally worth it, right?

The Collector's Challenge Run

external image AuWXxQC.jpg
Here to drive you crazy is the second to last run on this list. Here bonfire ascetics will be your best friend and Lucatiel as a phantom will be your worst enemy. Here you'll find yourself having to collect every piece of armor found within the game whether it be rare, common, or unique armor before you square off with that last boss at the Throne of Want you'll have all the options to look as fabulous or downright ugly as possible.

The White Hollow Challenge Run

external image uP34dT3.jpg
This might be a bit unique to the list, so let me explain a bit about this run. Here you'll find yourself at a constant health rate of fifty percent so the punishment for death will haunt you throughout the rest of the game. Along with this there are a few other things will also be imposed on you through out the run like:
  • Upgrades for weapons only go up to +5
  • Body and head armor cannot be worn on your character
  • Weapons found throughout the game using different forms of titanite cannot be used, regardless if unupgraded.
  • HUD must be disabled throughout the run.
  • Infusions won't be available on the run, along with weapons that have already been infused.
  • No starting gift will be available on the run.
  • Magic, Pyromancy, Miracles and Hexes won't be available for use on the run.
  • Phantoms cannot be used in order to help on bosses or clear out stages.
  • All of the bosses optional and non-optional bosses must be dead by the end of the playthrough.
Also, yes, while this run was in construction I was imagining someone crying over their fight with the Royal Rat Authority while doing this.
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Copycat PVP Challenge Run

external image dark-souls-ii-tgs-12.jpg

By: Zodiac-Brave-(PSN) and Oglogthefrog(Xbox)

  • Must win at least one invasion with fists
  • On win, copy ONE piece of opponents gear, including spells. (Can copy gear from opposing white phantoms).
  • Must win at least once at each invadable bonfire.
  • On loss, lose last piece of copied gear
  • Can only copy items that can be seen, so only rings like counter rings or any ring that gives off an aura like Coloranthy
  • Can copy consumable items such as throwing knives and Green Blossoms;once copied you have access to that item forever and never lose it. (Doesn't count toward your one copied gear piece per invasion victory).
  • Lifegems can be used at anytime. Radiant Lifegems can be used after any first lord boss. Old Radiant Lifegem can be used upon entering Drangleic Castle.
  • Recommended to do this run in NG+ or with use of a Megamule to grant you access to all items
  • No summoning help for any reason. (NPC or player).
  • Vanquisher Seal may be used for the fist fight portion of the playthrough. Once equipped, cannot be removed.
  • May send messages to players to ensure you copy the correct piece of gear.
  • May gain souls through normal methods (so not through souls found in Megamule)
  • Must defeat all bosses

Extra Rules (Optional)
  • After two lord bosses lose 2 items on lost invasions
  • No magic
  • No leveling
  • Use bonfire ascetics on bosses that you desire

The Phantom Helper Challenge Run

external image ss-115.jpg

Challenge Run By: Oglogthefrog(Xbox) and Zodiac-Brave-(PSN)

  • Must kill every boss
  • Must remain a member of the Heirs of the Sun or no covenant
  • Before killing a boss you must be summoned and aid the host in defeating the respective boss, you cannot die, nor can he, or you fail.
  • If you succeed at defeating the respective boss, you may advance through your own game as normal
  • If you fail to aid the host in any way, you must use a bonfire ascetic in your world to ensure a penalty for the failure.
  • You must continue trying to help aid a host for each boss, each failure results in another ascetic being used.
  • While in your world, you may not summon help for any reason. (NPC or Player).
  • May not use Human Effigies to turn human.
  • Levelcaps throughout playthrough
    • SL 30 before first lord boss
    • SL 40 before second lord boss
    • SL 50 before third lord boss
    • SL 60 before Looking Glass Knight
    • SL 70 before Velstadt, The Royal Aegis
    • SL 80 before Giant Lord
    • SL 90 before defeating Nashandra
  • No invading.

Extra Rules (Optional):
  • Decrease the level caps in each area.
  • No magic.
  • Start as Cleric. (Ensures the most benevolence).
  • No Estus or Lifegems

The Olympic Run

external image ds2_imp_05_thumb.jpg

  • Start a New Game
  • Pick the first torch at the Firekeepers' bonfire
  • Beat the game with the torch lit at all times
  • If torch gets extinguished, you may go back to the last bonfire you lit or rested at and re-light it but not use Flame butterflies
  • Only exception is Memories of the Giants
  • If you run out of torch time, the run is over
  • Good luck in Shrine of Amana ;)
  • Lobos Jr. Doing the "Olympic Run"

The Mundane Man Challenge Run

  • Begin the game as a Deprived. All stats begin at 1.
  • Restriction: You can only level your lowest stat. If multiple stats are tied for lowest, you can choose which to level.
  • No other equipment, playstyle, build, etc restrictions.
  • You could technically do this with any starting class, but the Deprived starting class best fits the theme here.
  • Add Company of Champions for more fun. Recommended, but not necessary.

The SL1 Challenge Run

• Begin the game as Deprived.
• You may not level up. You must stay at soul level 1 throughout the game.
• No other restrictions.

The Miracles Challenge Run

• Begin the game as Cleric.
• Your only method of dealing damage throughout the game is miracles.
• You may kill things by forcing them off ledges (Dragonrider for example).

The 39k SM Challenge Run

• Use This method or any other way to get the Agape Ring very early.
• You must not exceed 39 999 Soul Memory the entire game.
• No other restrictions.

Aggressive Challenge

external image 1365616386-dark-souls-ii-playstation-3-ps3-3.jpg

•Y ou must use the redeye ring through the game.
•To get the ring you have to cheese the dragon rider in heides tower of flame to get the souls for the ring.
•Go to the cat in Majula to buy the ring and you are good to go.

Boss-Slayer Challenge

•You are only allowed to kill Boss monsters
•No farming with suiciding enemies.

The Cdog Challenge

  • You can die but can't use Human Effigy
  • Can't use the Ring Of Binding
  • Class has to be deprived
  • Can select only a petrified something as starting gift (No life ring, no lifegem, etc)
  • Can only heal by lifegems
  • Character has to be The Rock
  • Can only use the club or a Greatsword
  • You can wear rings except the ones I said
  • Can't wear any armor

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    • Anonymous

      One thing I hate about this game is that you have to summon an NPC and make sure they survive in order to advance their quest-line ( they still appear at their designated spawn points but you won't get their gear ) . I wish I could still get their gear in No Summon / Solo challenge .

      • Anonymous

        Here’s an easy one: Mad Hollow run. Beat the game fully hollowed, with out the ring of binding. No clothes allowed. Also the only weapons allowed are weapons that hollow enemies in ds2 use. And, since you’re a mad hollow, you have to attack every npc on sight. Have fun….

        • Anonymous

          Real human Challenge

          As the name says, try to be as normal as possible.

          - No magic or magic infusion.
          - No rings.
          - No healing itens (Estus, life gems, ...)
          - Maximum of 50 arrows or bolts. Can't carry more.
          - Weapons and armor pieces can't weight more than 13 or have any effect.
          - Your status can't be higher than 20, but adaptability can reach 99.
          - If you run out of Effigies to recover your humanity, game over.

          Optional rules:
          - Your armor must turn the environment possible to cross in real life (Ex: In Eleum Loyce you need an armor with a coat like vengarl's).
          - Bonfire is just for checkpoint, but you can rest and warp after dying and recovering your souls. This said, it is not allowed to advance in the game. This rule is just to lv up, upgrade armor or buy itens.

          - Cat ring is allowed to go down inside the hole in Majula.

          • Anonymous

            Murder Hobo Challenge Run

            -must kill every NPC before talking to them, even the Emerald Herald and Blacksmiths

            Good luck :D

            • Anonymous

              Big Boi Challenge run

              -not allowed to cry when a crystal lizard runs off a cliff
              -can't rage quit when the gargoyle gangbangs you

              • Anonymous

                So far I did
                >30 000 SM run twice, with 2 different classes (plus once at 30 070 SM); 30 000 is the minimum at which Straid starts selling Agape Ring
                >SL1 run
                >no death run
                >pyromancy only (deprived)
                >sorceries only (deprived)
                >miracles only (deprived)
                I think that deprived is a far better class for those last 3 challenges because it gives you more freedom in leveling your character. Miracles only, and especially sorceries only is too easy with cleric and sorcerer as starting classes.

                • Anonymous

                  Martin's challenge: start as deprived, no starting item, discard staring garments, level up once per bonfire you ignite, don't rest at any bonfire except primal bf, HUD off, don't kill any npc's, don't buy stuff at merchants, don't coop, play offline, don't run/jump, no estus flasks, don't lock on. Oh an one extra thing, you only got 1 life. So the challenge is not to complete, but just see how far you will venture. This run requires stealth, and everything you loot will be a blessing. Beware of equipment degradation ;)

                  • A challenge that I've been planning on doing no name yet: Every time you find or buy a new piece of equipment you must equip it if an enemy drops it or you buy it you have to put it on. Must start as deprived. That's all. I feel like it could be pretty annoying.

                    • Anonymous

                      Born in Blood challenge -cannot use human effigy, nor ring of binding -must use bleed weapons (so you need to cheese Dragonrider and buy falchion from Lenigrast for example) -must kill every provoked enemy -must use redeye ring -equipment load must be lower than 35% -cannot level stats other than dextertity and faith until both of them reach 40 -must join Brotherhood of Blood before reaching 40 dextertity OR faith, and belong in it -must wear Crest of Blood after getting it -can use buffs like Lightning Blade, Unleash Magic or Heal -cannot use offensive spells like Soul Spear, Dark Bead or Lightning Spear -can temporary switch to Pilgrims of Dark to fight Darklurker (must switch to BoB after defeating the boss) Everything else is allowed

                      • Anonymous

                        Did anyone ever beat DS2 with no weapons and no fist damage buffing (vanquisher seal, etc)? I tried it and got stuck on the looking glass knight. then i searched for some footage of someone killing him on bare hands but couldn't find any. can someone help?

                        • Anonymous

                          New Challenge get every weapon. Then play through the game with every weapon. Has to be all bosses. All weapons, shields, catalysts, bows, crossbows, fists and talismans included. Same character and has to keep going up in New Game+.

                          • Collector’s challenge is armor only, or is it every item in the game ? Because if it’s the latter, when the servers close, it will become impossible unless doing it in NG+2 or more.

                            • Anonymous

                              You can use lifegems but not level up in the human challenge? Lifegems are crystalized soulsmasses doesnt seem to fit the theme of the run.

                              • Anonymous

                                So, The Phantom Helper Challenge Run, what about the Royal Rat Vanguard or the Royal Rat Authority?
                                I've notice you can use Phantoms there, and you need to defeat all boses. What about them?

                                • Anonymous

                                  recently i made succesfully the no-death run and it´s amazing the feeling to beat this great game without dying,i think i will give a chance to the agressive challenge today

                                  • Anonymous

                                    No healing seems a bit too tough for most people but what about a healing spells only challange? Healing spells are very slow and are usually unusable unless outside of combat. It could even be combined with another challenge if you want

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Name is phoenix_phlame, been attempting 0 Hit Runs dark souls 2 scholar for about a week now, my personal best is 6 hits, and feel like I will probs beat it soon! If you wanna come and watch, I stream on twitch every night about 8-11 pm eastern time.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Masochist Un-undead run:
                                        No Leveling
                                        Can't use souls (except for trading)
                                        One life
                                        No bonfires (except primal, of course)
                                        No estus
                                        Can't use the Darksign (Why would you anyway?)

                                        CAN summon other players or NPC's to help (In DS1, it is shown that non-undead can summon and be summoned. (Tarkus, Lucitel, Solaire))
                                        CAN use the blacksmith, or any other method of increasing an item's power.
                                        CAN use lifegems and spell-restoration items

                                        Set darkness to low

                                        I like this idea. You are a normal human who can't level up, use bonfires or estus, or do any of the things undead can do. Your starting class will be your hardest choice, as it determines what weapons you can use. You can buy all the items you need for this run (low req weapons and lifegems) from the merchant hag in the forest. Rings that increase your health, stamina, and equip load are important over almost all others.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          is that even a challange? i was a casual when i start to play this game and i was die lot. What i do ? i stop using any armor :D it was make no sense for me. At least without armor you get realy good dodge :D

                                          • Dragon Head Stone is the only weapon/armor you can use.
                                            No hand held weapon can be used.
                                            No throwables can be used. (firebombs, throwing knives, etc can not be used)
                                            No fists
                                            Rings can be used
                                            Items can be used (so long as they don't deal damage)

                                            Have fun dealing damage to iron king 9 points at a time...

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Class: Depraved Gift: None Can only light and use majula bonfire and primal bonfires Can only use replaceable gear (ie things you can get endlessly without ng+ or ascetic including rings) Must be in champion covenant at all times Dying allowed, but when you die you must discard all your weapons, armor, ammunition, and combat/healing items (you can store the non-replaceable gear in the bottomless box and leave them be if you don't want to discard them) Estus flasks allowed (can only refill at majula anyway) No teleport items allowed except dark sign

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Class: Deprived No level up Full hollow Northern Ritual Band +2 NG+7 Black witch domino mask Covernant covenant of champions Good luck!

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  Get a blindfold and a friend. Your friend can come to your house IRL or you can just stream your game to your friend and talk with him on TS3. You wear your blindfold all the time, so you can't see anything. Your friend is your eyes and he talks to you about what is in the game, tells you where to go and what to do. You can't see anything so you must rely on your friend. You can only take off your blindfold while levelling with Emerald Herald, upgrading equipment at smiths, buying things from traders, selling things to this dwarf or changing equipment. You can only change your equipment at bonfires.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    The rules are pretty simple. You must start Deprived. You can NOT buy anything (including Lenigrast's Key). You MUST pick up everything you see and loot every chest. You MUST equip whatever is the latest thing you picked up. You MUST discard the oldest piece of gear for the type that you picked up. All weapons go in the right hand. All shields/catalysts go in the left hand. Everything moves on a conveyor belt system. (e.g. Pick up Shortsword, RH1 = Shortsword, RH2 = Nothing, RH3 = Nothing, pick up Shortbow. RH1 = Shortsword, RH2 = Shortbow, RH3 = Nothing, pick up Drangleic Sword, RH1 = Shortsword, RH2 = Shortbow, RH3 = Drangleic Sword, pick up Broken Thief Sword, RH1 = Shortbow, RH2 = Drangleic Sword, RH3 = Broken Thief Sword, Discard Shortsword so it doesn't exist as a pickup/in inventory) Spells/Miracles also work on conveyor belt system and must be discarded on pickup if you have 0 slots. If you have 1+ slots available, conveyor belt system takes effect. Rings are also affected by the conveyor belt system. It goes top-left -> top-right -> bottom-left -> bottom-right. Can summon, but can't get any items from others (not sure if it's possible to trade but putting this in as a safeguard). No bonfire ascetics allowed (to prevent farming) If you die, you lose everything including all non-key items via discard (may keep ONE fragrant branch of yore if you haven't opened up the way to Shaded Woods) and can't retrieve bloodstain. May edit if I remember anything I'm forgetting.

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