Coal Tar is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.

Black, many-tentacled monsters that, when a player approaches, will burst out from the black tar pools on the floor of Black Gulch. Upon breaching the surface, the Coal Tar can eat the player with a grab attack if they remain too close, or in one spot.

Strategy tips

  • The pools these creatures spawn from are easily set alight with a well-placed Pyromancy  or fire arrow from afar. This technique will quickly burn the creatures to death without them leaving their hole at all.
  • If you'd like to face the Coal Tar up close, it's best to approach a pool and quickly roll or backstep away. This will usually bait the monster's grab attack leaving it open for an easy punish.
  • A fire infused weapon will help tremendously in dispatching these creatures, as attacks will also set their pools on fire.


HP Weak Resists Respawns?
NG: 475
NG+: 700
NG+7: 1,600
Fire - Yes

Location: Black Gulch
NG: yes
Move set

  • ?


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