Counter Damage

Updated Jan 27, 2016 2:17 am Patch 1.06 - Regulation 1.08

Counter Damage occurs when you hit an opponent while they are in their attack animation.

Riposte and backstab attacks do NOT deal counter damage. They deal their own type of damage which is not considered a counter damage and is not boosted by counter-damage-boosting effects like Old Leo Ring.

Receiving Counter damage has two effects:

external image hJxJO4F.png

How it works:

Bonus Damage

  • Upon landing a counter hit, the weapon damage is multiplied with the Counter Modifier of the weapon.
  • e. g. A Counter Modifier of 120 equals a factor of 1.2.
  • A weapon with a Counter Modifier of 100 will, unless it deals thrust damage (Old Leo Ring), never inflict counter damage.

Note: Many weapons have a false Counter Modifier shown in their description and certain attacks may have different Counter Modifier applied to them.

Bonus Poise Breakttacking with any type of weapon during this time has an increased poise break value.
  • Weapon poise damage is speculated to double when being hit by one of these attacks.
  • This poise break bonus can stagger you mid attack and cancel your attack.
  • This bonus can cause lighter weapons to break your poise whereas if you were attacked normally it would not.
  • It should also be important to remember that two-handing a single weapon increases the poise break damage and can be used to stagger opponents unexpectedly.

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    • Anonymous

      counter-damage only applies to thrust attacks like in ds1-3? or does strike and slash gains counter-damage as well? Thank you.

      • Anonymous

        ok why is this never clarified, maybe it is assumed, but do weapon infusions count towards the counter damage? so i have a nice rapier +10 are you telling me if i infuse it and buff it and use the old leo ring ill be doing massive damage output?

        • Anonymous

          So... how do you USE counter damage? Parrying? Do certain attacks in a moveset apply counter damage? Some people obsess over the leo ring, which increases counter damage for thrust weapons, even though they may not parry pften at all...

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